Wednesday, August 20, 2014

tuesday : a wander around the house

Early morning sees Maddie and I on our computers (Trevy still sleeps). 

There are Pokemon to be drawn.

A surprising rain out there, this morning.

Shall we play games?

Maddie and Trev

Did the rain stop?

A little friend comes over... with wonderful news. "I got Animal Jam!", so Off! they go.  Maddie's laptop in hand.

The games that we grabbed yesterday were still laying about.

So fun watching her have a fit.  : )

To outside!

Soon.  Twenty this year!

Lots of apples!


Lou needs a brushing,
and subsequent be-a-good-puppy lessons.

Soon it's into bed, and watching Cosmos--the wolf one, again, please.

Slow and easy.
That will do.  For now.

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  1. We LOOOOOOVE Professor Noggin! I bought my trivia-loving kid just about all of them for her birthday last year. And one of my pet peeves--why do companies make it so hard to buy the complete set of anything? Am I seriously the only person in the world who's ever thought, "I want ALL the Professor Noggin games! And ALL the Timeline games! And ALL the DK Encyclopedias!"

    Okay, I *could* be the only person...


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