Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Two Days

I love having a house full of resources.
From sprinkles waiting in the cupboard to bookmarks for coolmath games to beautiful wooden board games.

 We got out the Human Body game again. 
Along with a book.
"Isn't it cheating?  I mean... if we look in a book to find out the answers?"
You would think that this wouldn't even be a question in our house... I mean--we always do things this way!
We play volleyball with a comfortable, soft bouncy-ball.  We master division and multiplication in our time and way by playing with dice and cuisenaire rods.  We exercise our brains with games calling for strategy and critical thinking.
"How is it possibly cheating? If you bother to figure out how to find the answer in a book, then learn what the answer is... what more could we want from our Play, than that?"

humming with her nose plugged
(goes against physics, you know.)

A body puzzle for Maddie,
and Othello for Trevy and I.

Pylos for Trev and his mama,

and Maddie learns Checkers.
I thought she had learned to play long ago, but she wasn't familiar with it, she said.
After a few minutes of instruction as we played... guess who won--and won on her own merit?

This morning we had a play to attend.
The Lightning Mind of Benjamin Franklin.
Always love the Children's Theatre.


 Toasted Pecan Cookies


bones, this time

Checkers for Maddie and Trevy

Quarto!, she wanted.

Math dice?
I love how comfortable he is getting with numbers--ie long division and infinite numbers aren't daunting, or cause for panic.  :)

At home days -or mostly At Home days- aren't really a problem, hmm?
We'll just play, and wander about, and tinker and surely find something to do.
It's a goodly sort of life.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Yesterday we got a blue sky day.
To Outside!

"Can I water?"

"Mama, what can I plant?"
 "Want to plant peas?  It's time for those."
First we have to get the ground dug up, and get the grass to the compost.

Digging, measuring depth, planting, covering, fertilizing with Dr. Earth, and watering.  Done!

"Can I make tuna fish for lunch?"

Oh, a friend is coming to visit!

Trev had a need for Out, so Out we went.

He's been so happy about our world turning to Spring!
Every day, he finds something new outside, and comes to find me... "Mom, come look!"


The ground turns easily, the grass is green, and it only takes a pause and mindfulness to find a beautiful world.
All is well.


Up to lately, hmm?

Let's see.
There have been math games.


 Global investigations.

Prehistoric scenes. More than once.
With blood.  More than once.

Dance!  With the Xbox.


 A trek to the neighborhood park.

Play with the new phone.

Play with Dad.

Outside, inside
by ourselves, and with friends
at home and away,
under blue skies and under clouds and rain.
Lots of living going on.
All is well.