Saturday, June 29, 2019

june 26 : spring thaw -- into the uintas



the world has opened up, again.

june 25 : spiral jetty

of earth

and wind


and water


on a sigh : fourteen

"No party..." she said.

So presents over crepes,
out into the world shopping,
out to dinner.

My favorite girl in the whole wide world.

june 29 : noblett's creek

Pool's Open

With the returning cast.

may 28 : with friends

summer begins.

 all is well.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Other sorts of Magick

For those of you that are up for it, yesterday I started a new blog for Maddie and I... a different kind of magic.  :)

All things witchly:  Into The Craft

Friday, September 14, 2018


At a little diner that seems to be Mine and Her Spot.  ♡

She has an "around the city" bike ride planned with friends this weekend, so she needed a helmet.

A bit of window shopping -- no cute boots, or witches to be found, yet--

then home for a minute,

and to the first library for Poe.

Off to pick up a friend from school,

and around the corner to the big library.

Finally, to the craft store for a few lovely things...

to Friend's house for a sleepover,

and home to Trevy, for me.  Phew.

All is well.

Thursday : The Fair

 It's time for the State Fair!

There's the Big Yellow Slide

and cotton candy 

and divers from an 80-foot platform

and getting hypnotized!!

and a circus

and rides

and fair food for supper
and an overdose of Color
and carnies
and people hawking peanuts and popcorn
and antics
petting animals
and the sparkliest of sparkly lights.

All is well.