Friday, April 21, 2017

roadtrip : and then the *really* ancient west

 hadrosaur footprint

 fossilized bones

ski season is over, and adventure season begins.
all is well, here. 

roadtrip : the ancient west....

 from the Fremont tribe.. 500 AD

roadtrip : the old west....

 Grafton, Utah 
eventually abandoned from too many indian attacks

 same birthday as me!

 many graves of families bore the same death dates, or within a day of each other

*  *  *
 old iron town

*  *  *

 Mountain Meadow
-- of the Mountain Meadow Massacre

roadtrip! : there's the west....


 sand mushroom

 joshua tree

 hoping to find the fabled? st. george alligators

a solar farm.  probably close to a million panels.  a sea of blue. be continued.....