Saturday, August 01, 2015


Little Son.
I love you so.



Happy 10, baby. 
Love you so.

This Life.

I love it so.
Even more than that, the babies.
I surely do love those babies.

Life is the same as ever, maybe.
It is filled to the top with kids and sleepovers and mowing lawns and mastering lemonade and chocolate chip cookies and roller-skating and learning to dive and trips to the desert... and also fuzzy chins, earning money, and a special trip to the store because "Mom, I think I want a bra."

It's busy and it's still.... it's shiny and it's's enchanting and it's same.

There is May,

with its mud and gardening and innovation and ducklings and celebration of the Summer to come.


And June

with a constant flow of visits and play in the dirt and living outdoors.

and July....

with harvests and waterslides and visits to exotic places.

Like Wyoming.

And its comical liquor and fireworks stores.

 Trev found the double Open signs at the hamburger joint hilarious.

Thank goodness summer isn't over yet.