Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Since Monday is most always Family Day, and since Dad had to go to work this day, we consoled ourselves with packing our day full of color and interesting things, until he came home to us.

I'd been thinking and talking about getting out the vials and pipettes for a couple of weeks, now.... this was the day!

and since we had stuff out....

 crystal gardens....


we tried our hand at Sharpie tie-dying... we'll explore this further, for sure....

 "Mom, is there anything else that explodes?" from Trevelyn.
"Yes!  Check this out."


Half of an Alka-Seltzer tablet in one teaspoon of water... put the lid on, turn the film canister upside down, and stand back!
"Again!  Again!!"  from Maddie.
"Well," says Trev, "I wouldn't exactly say it explodes, but it's cool!"

For those who like to subjectify, we'll call this Math.

And--the rest of the day

 looks like swimming

and making dinner with Daddy (Maddie),

and laughing
and drawing
and loving.
That will do.

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Finally, it was time to tend to Home.
So much to do!

The pond....

Oh, the pond.  ♥

 a sideways hello



The pool.

Another one of those flowy, beautiful, perfect days.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Wednesday : Saving the Day

You might think it's about a rescue.  It isn't.
Rather, it's about me, flailing mama, trying to get my mind in an open, free space long enough to continue on, in as glorious a manner as I would choose.
I spent the day in that pursuit, my friends.
Ever eager to save the day.

I really, really dislike "oh, I'm a horrid Human" days.

T'wasn't begun by anything unusual.  "I can't find my swimsuit", then "It's at my house," says her friend.  "Go get it!  Hurry!  We need to leave in ten minutes!"  Twice they came back empty handed, after a ninety second look, or so.
We missed that particular plan for the day entirely, as we arrived ten minutes too late to be allowed in the door (at the "all day" price).
"I forgot my shoes," after being reminded a couple of times.  And forgot them again, when we went home to fetch them.  Little Son in the front seat, cursing traffic on my behalf, which only serves to reflect--showing me what a grouchy wretch I am.
Once I was able to shake it off, and move on forthrightly... eager and happy once again... and two minutes later, my recalibration had evidently never happened.
I could see it happening, and see my growing need for ease and peace... but somehow my thoughts and actions were carrying me in the completely wrong direction.
Lightning and thunder came to the valley as we pulled up to the outdoor swimming pool... we thought we'd play in the park, and swim for a few hours.

It wasn't a wretched day, I did vow no more grumbling or complaints would be uttered by me, so I was able to somewhat keep my unhappiness to myself.
I just gave the children room to play, and Be, and I kept to my own personal mission of trying to turn my head around.

After the aquarium, we came home with supper, and I scooted out to the patio, to write for a minute, and had a baptism in the pool.

I never really made sense of it, and I recognize that this wasn't one of those enflamed "I don't want to change my mind!" days... it was flailing and falling and I-can't-find-my-way sort of days.

My only supposition to it all was "Thank goodness for Tomorrow!"
Oof.  Thank the stars for new days.