Thursday, November 13, 2014


To the market this morning--we needed a few things.

"Do you know how a snowflake is formed?" she asks.
"I'm not sure..."
"Something about dust and moisture..." she says, before we look it up.

Tending to the tomatoes.

Four bowls, she had.

"Hey," I ask, "Wanna make snowflakes?  We can hang them up in the window.  It'll be our snow spell."  (Borax crystals, I was thinking.)

Except we discovered that we had no white or silver pipe cleaners.

So let's watch them form under the microscope....
and we'll check out snowflakes there, too.

marble run
Computer play,
dark and cold and snuggling in.

That will do.  ♥

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Unschoolers : The Socializing

The first thing homeschoolers dismiss is the question "But what about socialization?"
Not because of our park days and coops, playgroups and fieldtrips... but rather because we're out there living each day.
We're raising hands at bird shows, asking zookeepers questions, saying "excuse me" in the grocery store, tinkering with the engineer at the lab, and asking about a book from the librarian.
The idea that we're holed up at home in the dungeon (and not exploring and greeting the world--and its people) is ridiculous.

With that being said,
it's also fun to dream up playdates, and invite the locals.  : )

In the name of Catching Up In A Hurry, I give you the last month of our unschoolers playgroup....

Eccles Dinosaur Park and Museum

 This Is the Place Heritage Center (our Living History museum)

Murray Park

Wild West Park

 The zoo

 The wAirhouse

Halloween Carnival

the skatepark 

 Tracy Aviary

The Museum of Natural Curiosity

I feel really lucky,
it's a fantastic group to romp with. ♥

Halloween Time

The second favorite.
And I don't say that lightly... holidays and magic are big around here, y'all.

Happy Halloween!

Living History

Always, in the fall, I have to go.



It's an Autumn tradition.