Sunday, May 08, 2016



There was the making of Grammie's birthday card...

Warrior Cats tributes....


khan academy (the children have been dipping their toes in)....

a snail race....

mowing the lawns...

checking on the gardens....


dancing in the rain
 --with swim goggles, of course--

reading in the bath....


"Oh!  Terrariums...."
"Yeah, we made them for our snails."

"Awesome.  Wait... what's that metal thing in there?"
"That's his ring.... He won the race!!!"
I laughed.

Slitherio (a favorite, lately)...

LPS play and video making....

I do love these rainy, Nothing-at-all sort of days. 
All is well.

Saturday, May 07, 2016


Let's see....

there were political videos,

hilarious videos,

favorite video games,


--and learning form,

a bike ride

-with City adventure,

puppy love,

making plans for a sleepover,

baking cookies,

making lemonade,

researching collectibles

- and making plans for a final few-

khan academy,

family discussions,

playing on the trampoline,

lps play,

and no doubt a thousand other things.

A 'nothing at all' sort of day, to be sure.

All is well.

Friday, May 06, 2016


I've been walking.
Walking and walking and walking.
I walk to places... I walk on the river.... I walk through the parks... and I walk on the mountains.
Sometimes others come with me, and sometimes they don't.
Except my faithful sidekick, Sampson.  He's always up for a w-a-l-k.

Trev had Cass sleeping over, Madd was still sleeping, and Eric was irritated that his (mountain) bike break needed to be repaired again, so he didn't want to go....
Fine with me.  A solo hike it is.
Well--me and Sam.

Introducing Sampson, my 14 month old puppy.
He's an adorable Tigger, and I'm crazy about him.

It's Spring.... and all is well.

Thursday, May 05, 2016

In Absence

The problem is where to begin.... after you're missed Christmas and Solstice.... pictures with Santa....favorite photos of iceskating under the holiday lights in the city....spring's blossoms.... the passing of one beloved, furry family member, and the addition of another.....countless moments of lying about, reading... the making of videos and so many fantastic drawings...

Maddie is most... annoyed by my lack up updates.  "Mom.  Mom!!!!  You haven't updated your blog. Again."
So with that all being said, we'll consider us all caught up, and call it good.

Hi there!  Good morning.  Let's see what the day holds....

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Not done!

Thanks for the love notes, friends.  ♥
No, not done.  Never that.  :)
I'll try to get in, today.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


We had a last-minute change of plans today for our playdate,

but we managed alright.  ♥

And now we're all filled up.  ♥

Saturday, November 07, 2015


It's our second group Play of the week.

I had scheduled a meeting at a far-away park, and wasn't sure anyone would be interested, or show up.  (I co-administer our local unschooling group, so put together lots of events.)
The plan was to collect owl pellets, dissect them, and see if we could find the resident Great Horned Owls.

On the way out, the babes and I were very happy to see a few snowflakes falling!

We started talking about snow, and the holidays, and how many people don't want to talk about Christmas until after Thanksgiving,

and I started getting sentimental over thoughts of eggnog and glasses of wine with the family, and told them it was all (for the next two months) one big long holiday of family lovely time for me.

I love the holidays.

Soon enough we were at the park, and scouting for pellets.

Found some!

Lots and lots of them.

And there are the owls....

. . . . .


It was a lovely afternoon, spent with friends.
It's a wonderful life.