Sunday, December 14, 2014

Thursday : All That Glitters

Yet another celebration day. 
We love them so.

We spent the morning hanging the garland on our front fence,
and making our holiday wreath for the door.

It is made from scratch... first by collecting vines from the back fence,
then weaving,
cutting greens,
gathering plants and herbs from our gardens--
sweet pea for friendship, ivy for luck and love, sage for protection, lavender for love and happiness....

 And then.


And so.


Hopefully the next time we come downtown, this city-old sign will be beaconing red--
a notice that the storm is coming....

Fa la la la la.... la la la la.  ♥

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Sunday : Out

Having a warm December is not so terrible a thing, to my mind.

First into the gardens...

This makes me smile.  Not a good photograph, but I smile, none-the-less.

And then around the corner to the zoo.

Living in the sunshine is good.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Friday : Kid Paradise

We call our roller skating rink Kid Paradise.

Ten cent arcade games (and a Candy one that doesn't eat your token until you get a few pieces from The Claw)....

a dozen bounce houses,

skating and scooting....

a jungle of ropes to climb in...

a battlefield with soft balls and a giant slide....

it's aaaaaallllll good.  ♥