Saturday, August 22, 2015

On the River

 While we're really good at exploring our world (and it is magnificent, our part of the world),

Thursday I wanted an adventure we'd never done before--

down the river.

I sealed up my phone in a couple of ziplocks,

and away we went.

(So much beauty and glory.... next time I will definitely take a special box to tote my camera!)

It was so much...


than I thought it would be.

Moments of intensity,





a grand adventure,

and a new definite To Do to add to our wondrous Summertime.

So good, this life. 


Living in the city isn't all bad, you know.

There are friends there,

and outdoor music concerts,

and quick drives to the mountains,

and museums,

and water parks.

Long live long summer days spent with favorite people. 

Family Time!

 Scream and shout!! 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Two Days

We got our last few minutes with our friends in....

 ... to the pool!

and other play.

Trevy's off for a bike ride...

.... and Maddie and Xav compose music.
How lovely!  Our friend Xavier has composed many songs, and had some comments to offer Maddie.
I loved hearing him talk about music... how he's taken lessons for six months, but that he's only (from piano lessons) learned Twinkle Twinkle Little Star... that almost all of his know-how comes from 'playing' on the piano.


Reading and laughing at a dream story our friend Cassidy wrote.

We said goodbye to our friends, and Maddie left to spend the day with another of our friends.... and Trev got to have the house to himself (with me).
To be alone!  Just what a boy needs, sometimes.

Saturday morning saw Maddie and I headed to the bakery for a quick breakfast,

then off to an event to see a documentary on cheetahs and lions on the savannah.

Home to make food and pack up...
 we had our first outdoor music of the year. 

Summertime and bare feet and fiddles.

Summertime rolls.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Thursday : And the Bard Plays On

Last August our summer was cut short by its cool temps and rain throughout the month.
It was a difficult thing to accept.

Not this time.
I am relishing our summer this year... gorgeous summertime weather (including rain once in a while), peppered with a few Too Hot's.
Our friends were over for another day, and we were living as best we could.

After a late night out seeing the Perseid showers, we slept in and puttered slowly--ScoobyDoo and a bit of computer play were in definite order.

While pancakes and the rest of breakfast was being made, slowly everyone came alive.

Godzilla play for the other two.

This was the third day of these two being together, every moment.

Trev is an introvert, so it's surprising that these two blend together so well.
I look at them, and I know they'll be just fine when they're apart--puttering in their own way when they're alone, doing what they like to do solo--but when together, it's just so easy.
And let's not forget comical.  They're freakin' hilarious.
As I mentioned on fb, fully knowing the answer, I watched them, and asked "Do you two get tired of each other's company, ever?"
"No."  Both at the same time.

Maddie had a music sheet she had made (her own design) and she and her friends were trying out her system.  I love that this keyboard gets so much play-- playing songs, learning new songs, freestyle, noise tracks, whatever.  Play on!

 Maddie and Soleil left to our friends' house,
and the boys were ready for monster action, with Pacific Rim.

Soon enough we got ready for our evening--
dinner out, at dad's work (my current favorite salad for me!)

then to retrieve Maddie and our friends...
and off to the Children's Theatre to enjoy Shakespeare.
As You Like It.

They cracked me up--
every one of them (besides Trev) was inspired to give their interpretation of The Bard.

 Photo bomb!

Next while waiting, they found the sign for the next performance in the Shakespeare Festival
Of course this sparked much story-telling and interpretation, as well.  (I had no idea they knew so much about Hamlet.)
Looking forward to that, next week!

Soon we were allowed in, and the play began.

The greatest part for me was watching Trevelyn enjoy himself so much. 

Afterwards, the cast were in the lobby, greeting everyone, and Soleil and Maddie hugged Rosalind and Celia in their wedding gowns.  "They were my favorites!"

On the way home, the hilarity continues, with "Thou art sheep!" and many favorite quotes and quips and reenactments.

It's a goodly sort of life.