Friday, August 25, 2017

a world to ourselves

three and a half days of summer.

 not fancy.  

nor exciting.

not even anything extraordinary or life-changing.

just chipmunks and squirrels and skunks and lizards and seagulls and owls...

and sticks and books

and sand and water and waves and solitude...

and quiet and respite and slow.

and that will do. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

roadtrip : and then the *really* ancient west

 hadrosaur footprint

 fossilized bones

ski season is over, and adventure season begins.
all is well, here. 

roadtrip : the ancient west....

 from the Fremont tribe.. 500 AD

roadtrip : the old west....

 Grafton, Utah 
eventually abandoned from too many indian attacks

 same birthday as me!

 many graves of families bore the same death dates, or within a day of each other

*  *  *
 old iron town

*  *  *

 Mountain Meadow
-- of the Mountain Meadow Massacre