Thursday, November 15, 2012

Snowflake Stars

These lovely winter decorations are often called Finnish Stars, or Finnish Snowflakes.
I think they'd be so beautiful as white trimmed in silver, but my very first ones I wanted to make in my holiday colors!  And--guess what!?  They're very, very easy!

(Note: the red one is made with two red pieces of paper, white on one side.  The green and red is made with one red and one green, both white on one side.)

You'll only need paper, glue, and scissors for this one.

As the same as the 8-Pointed Stars, we'll use 6x6" pieces of paper.  (Now isn't that handy?)

First cut your 6" into 6x3.  Then cut one of the sheets into strips, about 1/4 inch wide, 6 inches long.  Measure them if you want to--mine were cut freehand.  You can either cut the other half into strips as well, or cut a differently colored sheet of paper into strips.

Take two strips, and fold them in half.  This is only to mark the center of each of these two strips.

Straighten them out, lay one down, and put a dot of glue on it in the center,

and place the other over it, cross-wise.

Place dots of glue, like this, paying attention to the look of the weave (the middle is 'under', these next two will be 'over'),

and place two strips over these glue dots.

Now four dots of glue (I've turned it)...
and the last two strips over the glue dots.

There.  So easy, hmm?

Turn it over, and bring these two closest strips together, and glue one over the other.

Turn the paper, and do this to all four corners.

The first half is finished!

Now make the second half, following these same instructions.
When you have two,

Turn one over, and place the other on top of it,

 angled so that it fits snuggly with it, like this.

Now we need to glue them together.... Place a bit of glue inside the first point,

and pull the tab that lies under it inside this loop, and press it to the gluey loop.

Do this for all four loops, and then turn the star over, and do it for the other four as well.

You can leave these points long, and they have  lovely pointed "snowflake" appearance, or you can trim off these extra lengths, to give the weaving a more rounded, flowery look.

They're all ready for ribbon and hanging!


  1. Oh, they are so beautiful! Great way to use quilling paper! Thank you for posting a tutorial.

  2. ooooh, these look fun to make as well!

  3. These are so pretty. Hmmm...I wonder if I have the patience. :)

  4. Six minutes, Debbie my love.

  5. oooh, i'm gonna try that RIGHT NOW. (i made those beautiful stars in the previous post last year, and you know what my family said? that they looked like mating star fish, hanging over our kitchen table. mmmhmmm. so, there you go - celebratory mating starfish. though i have to say, i'm not really sure how starfish mate, they had a small point. i still love them.)

  6. They're fun to make, SlimD. I can't wait to see them! :)


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