Wednesday, November 14, 2012

8-Pointed Stars

We've been pretty fond of paper crafts lately... must be all that gorgeous paper I've been buying!  (I can't seem to help myself...)

These are so deliciously simple, and only require paper, glue and perhaps ribbon (or wire, or ornament hooks--whatever suits you).

Most of that gorgeous paper I mentioned is 12x12, so for this I just cut a few sheets into 6x6.

Take your first paper, an fold it in half (decorated or preferred side in), and then in half again.

Turn it over, and fold it diagonally, corner to corner, both ways.

Now you have this,

and at the flat sides (not at the corners), cut up the seam, a little less than halfway to the center point.

Begin folding in the sides to the seam.

Do this on all sides.

Put glue on one section of each point, and tucking one over the glued section, press them together--easily done if you put a finger inside the point, and press.

When all points are glued together, make the other half of the star the same way you made this one.  Same pattern, or different.

When it's finished, put glue on one like this, and press them together.

For hanging, Maddie and I wanted ribbon, so on each star we found a point that was a bit loose, and opened the seam a bit to squeeze in a bit of glue,

and pressed it in (the star seams can be carefully reinforced again, afterwards).


Aren't they beautiful!
I imagine we'll be hanging these just about everywhere--on the front porch, from trees, in our windows... maybe even a few tiny ones on our holiday tree, hmm?


  1. ok those look very awesome! must get some lovely paper!

  2. Awesome stars!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  3. Very much going on our Christmas tree! Thank you, the kids are going to love making them.

  4. Just popped over here from The Old Milk Can and LOVE this post. Pinning it so I can put them up for our Christmas too :)
    Off to browse around your blog now ....

  5. THANK YOU! I have all this Christmasy paper I wasn't sure what to do with. These will be perfect!


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