Wednesday, February 29, 2012

sweet, sweet home.

' been Spring Cleaning, around here.
had you guessed?  (a likely reason in earliest Spring for absence.)

I didn't start with the obvious, practical places.
'cause that would be... well.  so unlike me.  :)
I'm mostly an "in through the Out door" sort of girl.

I reclaimed my bedroom.
it's Mine, now.
' has been for about a week, or so.

you might ask what that means.
basically, it comes down to "I need a space that is lego/marker/Mr. Potato Head parts/cracker crumb free.  that smells good... that feels good... that's pretty... a place for me."
they're (She is, I really mean), taking it well.  have six other rooms that beg to be played in, after all. plus one of the bathrooms.  that ought to do it, shouldn't it?

my bedroom is clean (and lovingly tended to every day).
and to be sighed over.
and of course, I still share my lovely, mama-bear soft, luscious bed with these other resting bodies and souls.
just not with their crackers.

downstairs has been done.  the rumpus room.

 every drawer,
 every basket,
every bin
and every corner.
shined, sorted, and organized.

(and several give-away bags filled.)

sweet, sweet, sweet.
feels so good.

Madeleine's bedroom can be checked off the list.

she went through all of her things while I was cleaning, and got rid of a (large) bag or two of things that "we can pass this on to someone else".  who am I to argue?

include shining up the ceiling fan, the top of the closet, door frames and doors, tops of the windows, and behind-the-dollhouse in that clean-up list, won't you?

today's final cleaning project was the hall landing.
these are the shelves off of the kitchen.  meant to be a landing spot for growing crystals, art supplies, library books, current interest books and national geographic magazines... you see how it goes.
today they're shined, organized, and lots of room has opened up for Tomorrow's Projects.
(always need unoccupied space... makes life much, much easier.)

it's coming along!
I give myself three more weeks (plenty of no-pressure time) to get the whole house done.  that ought to do it!
I'm about a third of the way, since the kitchen's been done, too, so I'm hopeful... :)

Are you working on your corners?


  1. I wish I had the same motivation! We are trying to get our house put back together, after 4 years of living and loving in it, so that we can sell it and move on.
    Man is it tough work to clean, sort, pack, and donate all that a family can accumulate in 4 short years!
    The treasures we are finding along the way make it more bearable.

  2. spring cleaning is always nice, at least to me. i find here in az, it is more fall cleaning as we tend to hide out more in the house when the temps are 110-115. lol

  3. Fall cleaning is good, too! :)

  4. I love how a thorough cleaning uncovers all those things everyone had kind of forgotten about...and makes all the play/learning stuff so appealing to be dug into again!

  5. I am! I have done the boys rooms - probably the worst rooms in the whole house and got several bags to the charity shop which always feels nice.

    The kitchen here is currently a cupboard and a work top, so not much to spring clean there but I have a shed and a barn to start on at some point.

    I am with you - I love to see the sparkle! Makes the work so worth while :)

  6. Inspiring! I shall embark on mine as of tomorrow a proper spring sort out one room at a time and give myslef plenty of (no-preasure) time :0 x

  7. Me too! Tidied, sorted, gone through every bookcase and drawer. Much sweeter! And now to the kids rooms....


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