Saturday, March 26, 2011

Flower Bracelet

Maddie came home from Girl Scouts with the cutest bracelet... I thought it would be a perfect thing to share with you. It's a sort of daisy chain stitch.
The pattern would be also lovely with rose petal beads, or wooden, or ones you've made yourselves out of clay or paper.
They're just right for a tea party or for a little girl's birthday party - as favors or a craft.

We only used laces, six large-holed beads (pony beads), and other beads for leaves and the flower center.

We started with a knot several inches away from the edge - maybe five inches or so.

Through the other end away from the knot, add the six beads that will be the petals of your flower.

Loop it around, like so, then thread your lace through the first bead - the one that is next to your knot.

Put a bead onto your lace - this will be the center of your flower.

When you've positioned it in the middle of your flower, thread your lace through the fourth bead, coming out (up) so that your flower will be centered on the lace.

Knot it close to the bead

so that your flower retains its shape.

You can add leaves as you like - either right next to the flower, or by placing another knot a couple of inches away, adding two or so green leaves, then knotting it again.

Do the same thing for the other side.

Decide how long you need the bracelet (or necklace), and tie it off.

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  1. Those are so cute. They would be a great activity to do at a birthday party. Makes me wish I had little girls.

  2. They are so sweet!
    My girls would love making these.

  3. Oooh cute, and a fun project, too. I get such wonderful ideas from your activities!

  4. Super cute - thanks for sharing Maddie!

  5. Oh if those aren't adorable!

  6. Are some of those the UV beads? The coloring looks like the bracelets we made with beads that change when exposed to UV light. :)


  7. Denise - Yup.
    The last pic with the blue lace are solar beads, before their change. :)


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