Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Games : A Give-away

As those of you that visit us regularly know, one of my favorite ways to keep our brains in zippy order is to play games.
Discover!, Create!, Think! pretty accurately describes my home educating approach and philosophy.

So! A couple of days ago I was contacted by CSN Stores, and they asked if I'd be interested in playing with them again. More games!! :)

So we're expecting a few new games to come our way in a few days.

And since new games make me happy, I'd like to share some of that happiness with you.

I gathered the children, and together we put together a Top Ten game list for you, from which you may choose what interests you. I'd be glad to answer any questions you have about any of the games (and will get the children's input, too.)

So, in no particular order, here are our Top Ten favorite board games:

Mancala (both)
A lovely thinking game - always the first one my children choose to play.

Big Brain Academy (Trev)
This is the boardgame version of the huge hit Nintendo DS game - we love it! It's probably Trev's favorite game.

Rumis (both)
Building with geometrically cubed blocks.
Mensa Select Award 2004

The New Cadoo (Maddie)
Sculpting, thinking, drawing, acting out game. I help Maddie, since she doesn't read.

Qwirkle (Trev)
Building lines of wooden tiles - all the same shape, or all the same color.
Mensa Select Award 2007
Major Fun Award 2007

The Allowance Game (Trev)
Spending and earning money - the first one to $20 wins!

Blokus (both)
Flat geometric square placement on a board.
Mensa Select Award 2003

Lost Cities (Trev)
A card game of expeditions.
Major Fun Award 2007

The Amazing Mammoth Hunt (Trev)
We love Mammoth Hunt! It's amazing how well we're learning world geography.

Apples to Apples Jr. (Maddie)
The more outrageous you can think and persuade, the more fun the game. :)
The original Apples to Apples is a Mensa Select Award 1999
Major Fun Award 2007

So we'll have a give-away!

Leave just
one comment (the drawing is done by hand, so no need to leave many comments) telling us your top first and second choice of the games in our list.
This one is open to the U.S. and Canada.
  • one entry for leaving a comment
  • another entry if you are or become a follower
In the name of sharing and discovering new great games, let's make it interesting...

If you do a blog post with
your family's top favorite games and tell your readers about this give-away, link back to this post below and we'll leave the choice of the game up to you if your name is drawn. We just ask that you limit the cost of the game to under $30.
And we'll give you two extra entries! How's that?

  • write some sort of "our favorite games" post of your own
  • tell your readers about this give-away, and link your post below
  • we get to find out about new (to us) great games
and you get
  • the game of your choice (under $30) if your name is drawn
  • and two extra entries in the drawing.
The drawing will be Friday afternoon, on February 18 2011.

Sound good?
Hopefully we'll all find lots of good new stuff!


  1. Love to be included, here. Even became a follower.
    Rumis and Amazing Mammtoh hunt (can't get that one in Canada without ordering from Mindware, who's shipping is steep...)


  2. Quirkle and the Allowance game sound intriguing. Our current favorites are Rat a Tat Cat, Make n Break and Lego Creationary.

  3. Sounds great. The Amazing Mammoth Hunt and Blokus would be our choices. We are tryign to add every day to our game selections.

  4. So happy to be included as well :-)
    Our first choice would be Rumis (I haven't found a way to get this one anywhere here) and secondly, The Amazing Mammoth Hunt (torn between that and Lost Cities but I think I saw that one here).

    One fun thing we've been doing recently is watching other kids' game reviews on Youtube. My kids are sold after watching reviews on Quirkle (and I love its funky retro look) and it happens to be stocked at our local educational store, so we'll be picking that one up soon.

    Thanks for all the gaming inspiration, we've gotten several great ideas from your site!

  5. Well, my top two choices of games to try are Qwirkle and Rumis.

  6. Scout used to really love Cadoo...but we haven't played it in a while...We got the Amazing Mammoth hunt for Christmas and have been enjoying it...and we've been playing Mancala forever! We still need to get Big Brain Academy too...

  7. Our two top choices would be Rumis and Amazing Mammoth Hunt. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Our top two choices to try are Amazing Mammoth Hunt and Rumis. Thanks for this! :)

  9. I always love your reviews of games (though they're in my future, still, as my daughter's not quite 2). I'd love Qwirkle or The New Cadoo. (I'm a follower.) Thanks so much for the chance!

  10. Would love to try Qwirkle or Big Brain Academy. We love games around here, and I will most likely put together a post...Already following and enjoying your blog.

  11. Qwirkle and Rumis sound like fun. We're huge game fans.

    I follow on gfc

    lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

  12. ooh. .. some great games listed. Some are well loved in this house. . others we have yet to discover. Have you ever tried Ticket to ride, sum swamp, sleeping queens, frog juice, Made to trade, and cogno? We have a great time with those. Thanks for the chance to play more!

  13. Mancala and Rumis both sound fun! Ooh, so does The Amazing Mammoth Hunt! We already have Qwirkle, Blokus, Apples to Apples Jr and The New Cadoo and love them as well. :)

  14. We love games - played a lot of Set, Carcassonne, ticket to ride, and other prior to having children and for some reason haven't played much in the past couple of years.

    With our little one now 2.5 years old I think she is getting old enough to play some games (she loves I spy and matching type activities so I must try to find some related games).

    I think all of the above listed games are a little old for her but I liked the look of Qwirkle and Rumis.

    I follow your blog.


  15. My first choice would be the lost cities and my 2nd would be the amazing mammoth hunt.

    we're really enjoying Monopoly Deal, a faster card based version of monopoly and Carcassonne.
    thanks for the giveaway!

  16. and i forgot to add that i'm a follower. thanks

  17. I just linked our Favorite Games-blog post to your linky. Thanks for doing this fun give-away!! I did forget Mancala from our list, bummer :)

  18. Oh, and I became a follower too.

  19. We would love Rumis first and then Qwirkle. Both are on our list of games to get.

    onepinkfish @

    Oh, and I have been a follower for a long time through pageflakes for sure and maybe google as well.

  20. Your post made me realized how game deprived my poor child is :(

    I need to fix that :) I did blog about the few games we have and play, but there are not very many.

    I have played Mancala with my sister and enjoyed it. I think Emma would also.

  21. Oooh! A giveaway!

    I think I would choose Apples to Apples because that seems like it is the one my kids will be old enough to enjoy soonest. But Blokus is one *I* would enjoy. :)

  22. This is such a fantastic giveaway Stephanie, thanks for the opportunity!!
    Of course I'm already a follower :).

    We would love Blokus or Qwirkle !

    Thanks again :).

  23. Oh what a great giveaway!! We would so love to win the Allowance Game! We are working on learning money and adding so this would be GREAT! If not that one, then the Apples to Apples looks cool too!

    I am a happy follower already! :

  24. Great list! We haven't played Mancala for a while, so we'll have to dig it back out.

    I'm a follower of your blog, and I was inspired to write a games post on my own blog, Starcat's Study. You can find it here:

    If we win, we'd love to try the Lost Cities game.

    Thanks for the fun ideas!

  25. Would love to try rum is or qwirkle. We love games around here. Our current fav is UNO :)

  26. Forgot to mention that just became a follower

  27. Ooo..Ooo...Ooo...I want to play.

    We have a few of these games (Qwirkle and Mancala) and a few others that I've considered buying.

    Hmmm - I'm going to pick The Amazing Mammoth Hunt and Apples to Apples (have been wanting this for a while.)

    Thanks for the awesome opportunity. I'll likely blog about our favourtie games in the next day or so. xoxox

  28. I just stumbled across your page and am so glad I did! I am now a devoted follower, and you've enticed me to blog about our family favorites, too.
    The Amazing Mammoth Hunt sounds like a fantastic game and I'm so glad I read about it here. It's now on my must have list, of course. And I'd pick Blokus second, I need to learn more about mancala, and I can't wait for my son to be old enough for Lost Cities! I guess I couldn't pick just two...we sorely need to broaden our horizons.
    Our current favorites are posted at and I'll link above as well.
    Thanks so much for the great ideas!

  29. I added my blog entry to your linky! :)

  30. 1st choice: Carcassonne, 2nd choice: Lost Cities (3rd choice: Rumis :)


  31. I'm a follower too.


  32. my addled brain finally got around to writing a post, though i'm not quite certain it makes sense...lovely giveaway - we'd like to look into Rumis! just got the amazing mammoth hunt, but haven't played it much yet...

    follower, bloggy post, did i forget anything???? thanks!

  33. Thank you for your generosity. We'd like the Allowance Game and Mammoth hunt

  34. Hello again, just popping in to check the progress of this giveaway and remembered to become a follower just now. Done! Loving your blog.

  35. I added my blog post to your linky. Thanks!


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