Saturday, January 01, 2011

so... Harmony.

the first year i chose Intention. the next was Still. last year was Beauty.

my only trouble with my chosen word this year, Harmony, is that it seems so trite and rather obvious.
i don't much care for trite or obvious. :)

there are some things in my life as well as some things about myself that need some fine tuning.
i keep thinking of it as blending two sides together beautifully.
Harmony implies that there is plenty of room for more this or that. that all things don't have to be equal. i'm not very interested in worrying whether or not something is excessive if it feels right and true, as that seems restrictive and therefore rigid. [wrinkles her nose.] judging myself more. ick.

it is all things being brought together joyfully, and with song.
like finding your place in all the imbalances and details, and singing it with love, joy, and sweetness.

it means being the keeper of the hearth.
it means being a peacemaker.
it means paying attention to the energies of my home and opening the doors to the wind when necessary.
it means paying close attention to my thoughts, and cultivating the ones that are in line with my purpose and intentions.
it means paying attention to my friendships and taking better care with them.
it means being supportive and loving to others. and speaking my truth with empathy and understanding, even in the face of judgment and ideas of 'wrongness'.
it means peacefully standing for something, rather than against anything.

it means lining it all up: my mama-ing, my friendships, the state of my home, energies, thoughts, and intentions.
there is plenty of room for joy. and abundance. and stillness. and ever-expansiveness, and kindness, and magic, and beauty, and peace.
and there is also plenty of room (as all things shall be shone through Harmony) for rambunctiousness, and laughter, and irreverence.

i'm not after homogenized saintliness (as i do not believe we are all meant to be the same, as you know), i'm after shining my intentions with authenticity and joyful empowerment.

that seems big enough for me.

have you written your intention? link yours if you're up for sharing.


  1. I love all that you wrote about what it means to you to find harmony. I could say that most of these things line up for me in how I need to find (create) more balance. I love how our word can be different, but that perhaps we are all looking for the same thing. :)

    Here is mine:

    I hope you are having a lovely New Years Day. xoxo

  2. lovely and not trite at all. words are full of meanings.

    I'm seeking diligence this year. I have a lot to learn. :)

  3. Most of my intentions could be so beautifully described as you have written this post
    Here is mine
    Lots of love for the new year!

  4. I love this, Stephanie. Yes, and yes!

    I wrote about my first day of the year in the same way I try to see the world—a series of observations of the small and the large. I wrote about my intention as "desire"—to find and see the joy in as much as possible, in everything that surrounds us.

    I love your intention and it's inspiring—it resonates with mine as though they are interwoven…and that makes me smile!

  5. I love your word idea. I thought about it several times during the year. We decided on the word~ Calm.


  6. "it means peacefully standing for something, rather than against anything."

    Love love love that thought!!

    My word is still gelling in my head. I will write about it on my blog, and link to you, after I know how to vocalize my feelings. :)

  7. Melody - That is actually from Mother Theresa. When she was asked to march against the war in Viet Nam, she said, "No. I will not march with you against the war. But when you march For Peace, I will be there." Love that.

  8. Love this! I can feel exactly what you mean with your definition of Harmony.

    I decided on the word Peace.

  9. I love the word harmony - with four small people oft locked in a battle of wills, I could do with a little more of it.

    I am still thinking of my word...a New Year has so much promise and I know this year will be uniquely challenging with a house move in the offing, so I think my word will be OPEN. Say it ten times, and it sounds a little weird.

  10. hmmmm. i have written mine:

    but i am already seeing how it might change with the seasons...which i expect might be all right! it is "attention", but could just as easily be "notice"...or "open"(kelly, i liked that! even when said ten times).

    thank you as always for the nudge of inspiration!

  11. I know I'm a bit late in coming to this. We have been busy. So busy. I don't think harmony it trite at all, and I love what you had to say. My word for 2011 is breathe. Something so simple, but often, very difficult.


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