Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Flowers are a fine way to start the day, don't you think?

Maddie and I started dreaming up our list while Trev still slept.... "Paint!" said Madd. "Big Brain!" from me. "What's Big Brain?"
"A new game we have."
Then, "Peppermint wreaths!" said I.
"Splatter Man for Trevy! And Poetry!"
"Musical instruments!"
"Ooooh, good one! We have a wonderful list already, Maddie!"

But first breakfast.

An' then candy play.

Heat them at 250 for about 5 minutes, 'til they just start to melt.

And coloring...

and poetry

and Godzilla videos

and 'Zilla play on the wiiheeheeee.

Big Brain Academy. (More about that soon.)

Totally Tut.

For Pretzels! Yum.


Moon sand.

Which could maybe be called more appropriately Animal Tales or Habitat Worlds.

Pretzel making.

Peep (and the Big Wide World) videos.


A New Profile.
(Again. From scratch. He likes the challenge of starting over often. I don't know where he gets that from. Certainly it isn't from his Mama.)

More moon sand. Godzilla play, this time.

I don't know what else comes,
but it's been a lovely day, so we'll just say "good enough", shall we?

All is well here.
Tomorrow, then.


  1. My! It sure has been a lovely day!

    Let me ask...and this may sound goofy...but, do you literally write down a list of each of your desires for the day?

    I've never considered making a list. We just sort of bumble through the day-doing things as we do 'em. Ha!

  2. Hi Jess.
    If we make a "things to do" list, we do.
    We have a dry erase calendar off the hall with a large blank area, and I'll write down our ideas for the day.
    We don't do it every day, but if we're excited about certain projects or things we've been meaning to do, we write it down.
    Then we have a "wanna ___?" reference if we're wanting something to do.

    So, yeah. Sometimes. :)

  3. Lovely day :-)
    That list idea (on wipeboard) is what I need. Memory cells are fading!

    And Big Brain boardgame looks good - I thought you meant on the wiiheeheeee! We like that.

  4. Good idea, for the list. Love that bunny got outside with Maddie for a little sunshine. Very sweet. :)

  5. I like you lists. The peppermint wreaths have been added to our list. Tomorrow for sure.

  6. I especially liked the shapes flowers.

  7. Oh how I do love your days! How do the peppermint wreaths turn out? I have never seen them!

  8. Candy art! I love that idea. You always have such great games too.

  9. Oh, I love the big list idea. Mine are usually mental lists, and often don't get completed. Of course now all I can think of adding to the list is peppermint wreaths....


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