Friday, March 26, 2010

March 26: Beginnings

This post was began - who knows where it ends???- at 8:something in the morning...

This one's for the Unschooling Blog Carnival, hosted by Enjoy Life Unschooling. March's theme is Beginnings.

What a loaded topic!
I've been thinking on beginnings the last couple of days, and how this sparkly and dazzling subject is relative to our lives, and the way we live.

Beginnings, and all that the word/action/thought entails, are at the tippy-top of my list.
Like Mornings.

Beginnings always end in a question mark.
They're hopeful.
They're progressive.
They're exalting.
They give us a feeling of being Unlimited,
and Empowered.
And like my friend HRMJ said, beginnings are a divine thing. They allow us to stop what was happening years ago or moments ago, and start afresh. As she said, "I can stop ~ right then and there ~ and start again."

You see where this is going, now, don't you?
Of course you do. :)

Obviously, to those who have a need to create themselves and who love Possibility - which is what Beginnings are - living an unschooled (un-regimented, free-flowing, and self-sovereigned) life.... well. It only makes sense, doesn't it?

Unschooling is full of beginnings. Every day has them.

In our family, upon starting our day we rarely know what the day will hold or offer us.
That might sound chaotic and frightening to some, but it truly isn't.

We have our comforts around us.
We have our favorite tools. (Tools being the things that we use to learn and create our lives.)
We have each other.

Somewhere in the beginning of our day we get together (if Daddy is home, he's included, too, of course), and each come up with a few ideas of things we'd like to do together.

So there is rhyme and rhythm to our day, though 'tis a flowing sort, and not anything rigid, or really even remotely structured.

And in there we find the Possibility.
And all of our Beginnings.

Under the microscope:
scorpion, beetle, corn chip crumbs, leg of honeybee, salt, carrot, paper, an ant.

* * *

* * *
Another - innocuous! - beginning.
Here's "Footprints".
(Which comes from Trevelyn's List, today.)
The Mama of the house quickly weighed all options...
holiday wrapping paper turned over...
tears easily...
taped to floor (verra cold and wet outside today)....
tearing, scooting....
oh, wait -frustrated children,
deflated Mama....
"Hey! I have an idea. C'mere, guys. Whaddayou think about this?"

So we have Footprints.

And so.

And so!!!

And guess what?

Easily and merrily.

* * *

And now...

And now we have a couple of other things in mind....

Lasagna - with all the trimmin's,
-now how Settled is that?-

Toy Story,

and the makings of Chocolate Chip Cookies.

You Just Never Know!....
in the Beginning.

Life's a beautiful thing.


  1. coupla things...

    1. What Godzilla monster is that? I thought we had them all!
    2. the photo that says FREE?
    ***LOVE IT***
    3. I am so happy to have found you, my blogging friend.
    4. Someday I will come play with you and yours :)

    Great post, Steph!

  2. That would be "Aggregate Destroyah"!

    "free" is always good, as far as I am concerned.

    And I am happy to have you, too.

    And! You will always be welcome. :)

  3. Love it! It brought a smile to my face. :)

  4. That was THE BEST day EVAH!

  5. Stephanie, I really like this particular blog. Thanks for explaining about the unschooling thing. I'd wondered. It's a neat sentiment!
    You are such a cool mom to let them footprint the wood floors like that :-)

  6. varunner -
    Well I don't think I explained anything -!- :) but I wanted to relate the happy of Beginnings to our everyday days. :)

  7. yayayayyayayayyayayayayayay!!!!!

    these past few posts have made me so happy!!!!! i love the slippy-slidey happy paint-fest your house turned into - what an awesome way to celebrate the freedom of your days.


  8. That's one way to get the floor mopped!

  9. Wonderful floor painting! I love the pic of T in the bath. Reminds me a bit of "The Graduate."


  10. OMIGOD!!!!!!!! ( the control crazy in me is already getting my mental "swifter mop" out!!!!!)
    Totally admire your freedom of the day!!! and definetly a good lesson for me to be learned! i never even let honeypie play with her food as a baby... the neatest baby you've ever seen!!! what a "lettin' go"... hmmm.(my eyes are wide) must try that for a change. Kiddos must have been on cloud nine. What? get paint dirty all over the floor in the house??? yeyeyeyyeyeyey! honeypie would flip for joy. Great job!!!

  11. Love this post! I love the painting with their feet on the floor.

  12. i love this. your kids KNOW the meaning of freedom and joy. we love unschooling our daughter - it's made the world of difference to us. thanks!

  13. Visiting from Lisa's site today.

    Wow, I like the concept, and I am sure your kids will appreciate the time of discovery more and more as they age and look back smiling.

  14. OMG! came over from lisa's. greatness!!!


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