Monday, January 11, 2010

two days

Oh, yes.
We've accomplished some things.
Trevelyn unlocked World 4 and World 7 of New Super Mario Brothers. whew.
A big deal, that.

[waves hand] Madeleine is Madeleine, and accomplishes about a thousand things every day.

Eric fixed his bike (and ofttimes transportation), and tires. Also a big deal.

Mama sat with Subtrax and completed all the cards for the first three levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) of the game.

Maybe not a big deal to you, but after the battering my faith in my intelligence has taken while trying to figure out Hex, a very big (and soothing) deal.

Couple of walks for Annabelle

Quick game of Shut the Box.

This morning I got out the natural air-dry clay and started making a bowl.
You know Maddie had to get in on that action.

We'll show you the finished product in a few days.

That one led to another project... pretty candles. When we made our Winter's Flowers, I knew that this is one thing that I wanted to do with them.

Lovely, I think.

There has been ds play

and portraits

and television

Thomas Edison - And the Electric Light

Daddy's home from skiing!

so it's off to the pool for a couple evening hours of water practice and play.

(And a lovely meditation for Mama while listening to her ipod - am I the only person in the world whose ipod contains only meditations, spiritual books, and lectures, I wonder? - and then a lovely twenty minute or so walk around the track while the Daddy and babes were splashin' away, and still plenty of time to read some wisdom from an old favorite....)

We're home, and tired, and happy.

All is well and Fine here.
See you tomorrow.


  1. Love that old favorite-I've been meaning to take that down off the shelf and have another look. Those candles are very nice!

  2. Owen is a Mario Bros. fan as well.

    The candles are lovely and I've got Subtrax on my wish list :)

  3. Awesome, awesome day! And your ipod would date mine, I think!

  4. I like loud pop music myself! I don't like to think too deep, I'd scare myself. That pool looks awesome, I think I need to go find a pool.

  5. Oh, those candles turned out so nice! Very pretty.

  6. Love the candles, so pretty! Nice to see how the bowl started out.

    Ah, water play, that never gets old.


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