Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Paper Stars

We like these stars!
We’ve hung them from the garland on the front porch for a couple of years now – they also look lovely hanging against something.
We used 8-10.5 sheets of paper.
Fold the paper in half,
and then to mark the center point either measure and draw a line, or make a small crease at the half-point.
Fold the corner down to this point.
Fold the left corner part up and over the other fold,
and then fold the right upper corner down into this fold.

Angling about half-way up the triangle, start at the bottom and cut all the way across with scissors.
Unfold your star, correct the creases, and decorate!

If you’d like two stars together, for hanging over a doorway or something, I’ve found the best way (though not perfect) is to just place tape inside the stars, making sure to get the two halves as flush as possible. I tried cutting tabs, and different ways, but tape works the best that I’ve found so far.
It’s not perfect, as I said, but they’re still really pretty, and not really noticeable.
To ensure a good fit, fold two papers,
and before unfolding your first star, place it over the final cut of your second one, making sure to get it the same size.
When putting them together, you might have to rotate the stars a few times to get the best fit, as your folds will be a tiny bit varying.
I put the tape on the inside after they were decorated, and then hole-punched them and hung them with ribbon.
If you don’t need both sides to be seen, then one is certainly pretty on its own, hanging against something flat.

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