Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I'm sure someone has thought of this some time before, but this time it happens that I thought of it.

So I went with it.

We used jars, orange tissue paper, craft wire, a bit of black construction paper, modge podge (you could also use a mixture of glue and water), and tea lights.
Note: If you use tea lights, you can use any kind of jars... spaghetti sauce, pickle jars, whatever. If you want to pour wax directly into the jar, then make sure you use tempered glass- such as canning jars (they're made to take the heat).

You know how this is done.

We tore up bits of tissue.

And painted on our modge podge.

We stuck it on, and painted more where we needed it.

A final coat of modge podge to seal it,

and then we cut out black pieces for the face, glued the back

and placed them on our pumpkins.

More modge podge to seal it.

We strung wire under the grooves of the jars,

and hung them up!

I plan to have a whole patch of these, hung by forked sticks for The Big Night.



  1. oh great, all looks so fantastic..xx

  2. Oh, neat idea! Thank you for the inspiration. :)

  3. They look awesome, and spooky!

  4. I'm enjoying all the autumnal and Halloween crafts your family has been doing. We're definitely doing the "paperjacks" today or tomorrow.

  5. Love them. So pretty that orange glow. Looks like a new tradition for my little fam.....


  6. Yea, that was a GREAT idea! I love them!

  7. I have been meaning to come over here and tell you we used this idea- sort of. We only had white and green tissue paper when we started so we made a couple ghosts and Frankenstein. Then we added some more colors and made a pumpkin and we are part way through making a vampire. I will post some photos when we get a chance.

  8. Melissia-
    Awesome!! What a great idea you had!

  9. Happy Birthday Stephanie!!
    I hope you had a pretty good day.
    41 is not so bad!
    We Love you and are glad you are part of our lives. Looking forward to parties this month.
    Pat & Bill

  10. ooohhhh! what a great idea! we shall have to try this! :)

  11. I'm not quite a year late on this post, almost, but... whatever.

    I saw these and IMMEDIATELY grabbed some jars from the recycling bin and got to work. GREAT IDEA! Super easy and the end result is shockingly cool. Thanks for posting this.


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