Saturday, July 04, 2009

Map to the Stars

I've been thinking on this one for probably almost a year.
My friend Julie gave me the idea, when she said she had a game that came with cards of the constellations.
We don't have the game, so...

We pulled out three of our astronomy books
our sky chartand dark blue cardstock... and the construction paper that we painted with Magic Colors (colors of twilight) last year.

We consulted our book and glued on our glow-in-the-dark stars (you could paint them on instead with glow-in-the-dark paint, if you wish)

then connected them with chalk.
You could also use white colored pencils or paint, of course. We didn't want the connections to glow, just the stars.
On the back I wrote any pertinent information, including during what months it can be viewed, and directions to make it easier to find.
We'll hole punch the corner, and put a ring on them.

Can't wait to stuff our collection into a bag for our Journey Into the Wild Unknown next week. : )

Happy gazing.


  1. Well, that is just plain cool. ;)

  2. Hi magic friends across the world - we posted something like these awhile ago and in the post is a link to some really nice printable constellations - check them out they are just a couple but great for hooking a new interest!

    These are some more really nice ones we have used for playing snap and just collecting...

    Have a great week...

  3. That is awesome. Got to show these to my daughter.

  4. Saweet! We must do this!

  5. Cool!!! We have to try this one!Thanks.

  6. Neat! My mom just gave us a bag of glow-in-the-dark stars--and we are studying space travel this month.

    This would be a fun astronomy activity--'cause we also plan to visit the planetarium! :)



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