Thursday, March 26, 2009


O, Beautiful Burds!

And they're puppets, too. :)

For this one you'll need lots of interesting things.
The mandatory ones are: two and-a-half paper plates per bird, paint, staples or plastic (scotch) tape, and glue.
The optionals are: feathers, crepe paper, glitter, yarn, large googly eyes, paper scraps, modge podge, buttons, sparklies, raffia, ribbon, and anything else you might deem as appropriate.

Fold three paper plates. Two of them need to be folded like this. (The other one doesn't matter.)

Cut the third plate in half, then trim about a half inch off of the cut edge.

Paint the plates. (what would usually be the bottom side of the plate.)
When they're dry, reinforce the folds that you've already made.
note: we put them into a turned off, but warmed oven, and they dried in about 15 minutes.

Fold the plates in half, and connect them like this. Tape or staple them together. (If you staple them, make sure it's on the very edge so you don't ruin the shape of the curves of the plate.)
Decide which half will be the top of the head and face.

Flip the plates over (to the underside) and tape or staple your extra trimmed half onto the other (not the face one) - this will be your bottom part of the beak. The plate left by itself will be the face/eyes/top of the bird's head.

Now you have this.
We then covered the plate with modge podge-- it made it shiny when it dried, and it made the whole plate ready (sticky) for decorating while it was still wet. You could just glue the decorations on individually with glue, if you like.
Make it pretty!
Maddie wanted closed eyes for hers.
When your face is done and dry, add your fancies to the back of the plate.
For more fun, just put your fingers inside a sock, and keep your thumb at the place of the heel.
Now you have a beautiful body.

Have fun.
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  1. I love how colorful and creative these are! You and your kids must have had so much fun making these!

  2. These are wonderful! I've just stumbled across your blog, but I'm off to read all of your entries now!

  3. Sooooo cute and colorful!! I love how the sleeves match!

  4. I love their different personalities and styles. :)

  5. These are great..we will definitely have to try these. We are home for Spring Break this week. Running out of ideas quickly..but this might jumpstart us again.


  6. This is the cutest thing ever! We are going to have to do this, too!

  7. Totally love your burds!

  8. Those are so cute with their feather's and personalities and I adore Maddie's eyelashes!!

  9. Omigosh these are just so fantastic. They really do to each have a personality of their own.

  10. Those are totally crazy looking! They look like cousins of Animal from the Muppets! Love it!

  11. These puppets are fantastic! I must try some with my younger students.
    Thanks for teh great tutorial!

  12. These are so cute and humorous! I especially love the striped socks for the neck. I bet your kids are loving playing with them!

  13. Found you via crafty crow... these puppets are so adorable!

  14. Had so much fun making these with my summer school students. Check out their creations at my blog site!
    Thanks again!


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