Monday, November 17, 2008

Holiday Horsey

This idea comes to us from Madeleine. Today.
(A "This is what I want, Mama.... now you make it happen for me." sort of thing.)

So be it.Truly...
It's my job.

We used felt, craft glue, needle and embroidery thread, a knitting needle for pushing the stuffing in the legs and rockers (a pencil or something slim would work) buttons and glitter and stars and other fancifuls, yarn, and stuffing (ours was this papery/cotton stuff we had in our lotion drawer that were face cleansing pads that I bought on accident once. I just tore it up and it made fine stuffing! How's that for recycling?).

Make a template of a horsey on paper.
And a rocker. (Should a rocker be 'the thing'.)
Call the babe. Have him or her choose the horsey color.
And the rocker color.
And the stitching color. Unless the Mama would prefer to glue it.
I opted for stitchin'.
Stitch, stitch, stitch.
Oh - and stuff, stuff, stuff.Hey! That wasn't so bad.
"Baby!..... Your horse is ready...."

Now this is Madeleine's department.

Now for the tailwhich I made by wrapping yarn around two fingers, and cutting at the backs of those fingers.
I tied it at the half-way point.
And I stitched it on.

And now the mane...
(If you're going to stitch on the mane, you can skip this step. I opted for glue.)
I found the easiest (and tidiest) way to glue it was to cut a rectangle piece of felt the same color as your horse's bodyand then cut a slit for the ear
and to wrap a bit of yarn around something... a couple of fingers or a pair of knitting needles
and to hot glue or stitch the mane to the felt strip.

Glue half of the main to one side of the horse's profile
and the other half down on the other side.
Well then. 'Tis done.
Now what do you think about that?


  1. What a fun project! There's no way I would have pulled that one off, I need step by step instructions for even the most simplest crafts. Way to go for fulfilling Maddie's desire:)

  2. Thanks Julie.
    It was actually fun, after I got over my "Uh...." stupor. :)
    It'll be fun to see it on our tree.


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