Friday, September 07, 2018

Thursday : Chicken Soup

A chicken soup sort of day.

Talk and talk and talk and talk and talk.

And Khan Academy.

And more talk.

For the other,

there was a bit of skyping with the locals,

and warm compresses and a backrub,

and talk,

and another compress and ibuprofen,

and an eventual tearful trip to the clinic (with an overwhelming earache), 

so her mama could make sure nothing too dangerous was happening.

(she seemed to be getting a little worse, every day, with a new symptom)...

Back home with antibiotics (her very first ones)

and after her mama made chicken noodle soup

what else will do, but sharing her recently discovered love for Horror films?

So onto the couch for us, with a too-big bowl of popcorn.

Calibration takes lots of different forms.

Sometimes it's long conversations about concerns, opinions, politics, plans, current events, and growing up,

and sometimes it's popcorn and The Conjuring.

It's all chicken soup.

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