Wednesday, August 29, 2018


You know.... gotta make soap.  And peach jam.  And should look up where we can get (pick?) some local, organic berries for jam making.  And need to scrub the kitchen from top to bottom for jam  making.  And need to find some beeswax locally, because it's almost candle-making season. And will need some for lotions and balms.  And need to fall clean the house.  And make carrot cake.  And need to go through Grammie's many drawers and boxes looking for her jewelry (scattered everywhere) and send it off to her.    And must, must give the puppies a bath and haircuts soon.  And Eric and Trevy are both asking for haircuts.  Oh-- and that hummingbird there has a few blossoms left, scattered about, but he's still trying to get syrup from that feeder.  Better clean it and make some.

And so.
Also on the list, PAINT.  Not the house.  Though we still have to finish that, as well-- before the snow falls.  Oh!  And sand and stain Trevy's newly-revealed floor...
You see how it goes. 
Where were we? 
Oh yes... PAINT.
More specifically, acrylic pours.

Let's just do it, then!

 My first one.
Madd's first

Again!  Again!



Not sure if they're done, or if we'll add things to them... cool glass (artist) beads?  glitters?  words?  

But we both love them, and they'll be collaged in Maddie's room, above her bed, she says.

Something else crossed off the list...

And then we're off.




All is well.

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  1. I love your blog. I've never seen a marmot in person before. How lucky! And what a wonderful art project!


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