Tuesday, September 20, 2016

On a Monday

Monday we had a Pokemon Go playday with our unschoolers.  (Poke stops!)
Trev opted out, but Maddie was enthusiastic to play with our friends.

So we made our super-easy beandip -which everyone always loves (and I really feel guilty about, as it takes like two minutes to make)- and filled a gallon ziplock with Costco's organic corn chips, and we were out the door.

Eventually we moved over near the playground...

which was quickly abandoned for the stream and trees--


--and building, hauling, working, and catching and releasing bugs in the creek.

For two hours or so.

I love our life, you know.
I really, really, really, really do.

Home to Trevy--who had some important things to do, himself.

Off to The Gym for him--all on his own.

Afterward, his mama asked him a million questions, "How did it go?  Was the guy nice to you?  Do you understand the equipment?  Did you love your workout?  Is it everything you wanted it to be?  Does your body feel good?  Do you like it?  Are you tired?  Was it hard work?  Want to go again?  What did you think!!?!"
"Uh.  Well... it was alright.  I figure it's like brushing my teeth.  Somethin' you just gotta do."
(That was the extent of my insight. Hmmph.)
Fair enough.

To home, and a late supper, then.
Where Trev made his nondisclosure up to his mama by making chocolate chip cookies.

That'll do.

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