Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Friday : The Unschoolers

Often I'm so behind -and eager to get on with this day- that I hurriedly throw in a bunch of photos, and call it good. 
Which is alright, mostly, because it's our life, and we live it and know the moments.
But sometimes a pause happens.

Friday we had park day with our unschoolers planned.  (We hadn't been in too long!--busy doing our own thing.)
And since the park is almost to downtown (though not far from our house), and since the books we had bought a couple of days ago weren't going to last forever, we thought we'd go to the library, to secure the next ones in the babes' current series.

I love this library.  ♥

Off to the park.
Which is where the pause comes in.
My friend Jen pointed out, whilst we were standing in the midst our group of fifty or so scattered peeps,

Unschooling In Action.
What it looks like, in real life.
There's one (that'd be Trev), up there, reading in the shade.

They are running,

and biking,

and some stop to study the bees.

They investigate,

and work hard,

and encourage friends.

They are role-playing,

and learning a thing or two about how a movie is made.

Life is rich,
and liberated,
and full-to-bursting with goodly things--
and I am so glad that we are able to celebrate and revel in it.
All is well.  ♥

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