Sunday, November 01, 2015


This was all Halloween, and pretty much no Samhain, but this Mama fully intends to remedy that, some time in the next little while.

In the meantime....

No shiny mummies here.... gotta be authentic.

 A murder of crows!  For Halloween!
All of a sudden there was a wild cacophony, and about 60 crows circling and cawing!
Happy Halloween!!"  we yelled to them, "Caw!  Caw!!"

Okay... time to go!  (After the store, and downtown to pick up a couple of yum platters and a thousand other must-do's...)
Off we went to play with friends..

and to my very favorite part of Halloween.... trick or treating.
(Thank goodness they said I could come with them....)


...and finally back to our friends' house.

So, so good.
It's an outrageously awesome life we've got.  ♥


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