Friday, October 02, 2015

The Order of Things

I left off (my last post) when I needed to show some serious love to our home.
Life is messy, around here.  Verra, verra messy.

In the midst of my sparklifying, I spent a day downstairs in the rumpus room--first cleaning it, and then, a few hours later, destroying it.

I got weepy over visions of my five year old babies playing with hand puppets and dress-up clothes, then decided that I could handle it better (some of these things were just not needed in this room, any more) if I waited for them to wake up, and go through some things with me.

One entire day was spend down in that room... making piles of books and baskets on the floor... moving book shelves... imagining arrangements and furniture swaps... while watching a beloved show on netflix... thinking of abundance, and my understanding of the workings of the universe, and smiling and being weepy over things.

Eric uses the worst computer in the house.  He's not a computer guy, and his needs are simple.  He needs about five million gigs of space for music, needs to upload his phone photos, and needs to be able to import cd's--his and those he checks out from our neighborhood library.
His computer wasn't currently meeting any of those needs. 
But he's a very nice fellow, and makes do--while his loves dance and swing and laugh and explore their way happily through their wonderful, sparkly days.

"I'm putting in an order for two or three new computers."  A universal order, my friends.
I want a working computer for Eric.  Not a lot of memory required--big hard drive, in 'good enough' shape for any friends that come over and want to play Minecraft or whatever else fun stuff our home has to offer.

And a second one.  Trev wants a gaming computer.  Huge hard drive isn't a necessity, but a good, fast processor is a must, as well as a separate graphics card.  He doesn't play very heavy-duty games, but needs to be able to do what he wants without lagging and major frustration.

The third--Maddie needs a working computer.  Her laptop is not past hope, but I've replaced the cable to her l.e.d. screen twice, and can't get it to work without blowing the damn thing out. 
I ordered the cable (again) and figure I'll take it in to the geek squad and let them assemble it, this time.

Eric needs to be first, of course.  We've all had new computers since his. 
I start getting excited about new computers.  Won't that be so fun!?!  Hooray!
I'll get mine back (Maddie has pretty much hijacked it--however sweetly)... Eric will have a good one... Trev will have a gaming computer....

A few days later, there's extra money in the bank... and I get to spend a chunk of it as I will.

I find one perfect for Eric... 2tb hard drive (not 5 million gb, but 2000 is a good start), good memory... decent processor... put it in my cart, along with my info, then do one last check elsewhere to make sure it's what I want to do....
And found one for Trevy.  A high-grade Dell, for pretty close to our (usual) mid-grade price.  Something I could just 'get' instead of having to save for, forever...

So my mind starts going, and I decide that getting Trev this new computer now is a pretty good decision.

I had two days until the new one would arrive, and I was inspired to play with Eric's (old) desktop, to see what I could do....

I copied his music library onto various flash drives (too large for just one), and eventually held my breath, and hit "No" to "Save all files?" when installing a new operating system.

I spent the next two days on that computer... installing tune-up software, virus and malware protection, driver software.... doing what you do.

Slick.  And fast.  And working.  Like a brand new computer.
Well, now.  I'm thinking I can call that One.

The next day Trev's new desktop came, and my day looked much like the previous two, along with getting familiar with Windows newest operating system.
And then adapting it to suit my/our needs. 

That's Two.

So now we're with three working (and meeting all of our needs) computers in this house (Maddie is happy to play and skype and game on Eric's desktop)... and the part is on order for Madd's laptop.
(We will update Eric's computer pretty soon, never fear.  It's just that it is no longer necessary, right-this-minute...)

I can't help but think "That was fast.".  Along with "Thank you".

I think not everyone would call it so, hmm?

I think about these sorts of things, often. 
I have a great, great appreciation for my life, and our home.

I am reasonably certain that there are some who would think me quite mad for being content with my 1911 square foot, circa 1950 red brick, little house.

Just as some might say that this new arrangement we have for ourselves hardly qualifies as Two New Computers.

But-- it does.
I love our home. I find beauty in it.  I take absolute solace in it.  I grow here, and love here, and laugh here--and stretch, and rest, and become.

I shall never, ever be anything less than so, so grateful, and so appreciative of the abundance that abides here.

I feel happy, and blessed, and so fortunate.
What else is there?

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