Saturday, October 31, 2015

Monday's Animals

Having a child that adores animals (think Whisperer) can be tricky sometimes.

On the one hand, they're always up for adventuring, because there is a chance to see hawks and eagles, lizards, snakes, and other wild things,

and on the other there's the caring, and watching out for the tender heart.

Maddie had been asking about volunteering, again (she has since she was about four), so today was the day we went to a farm / petting zoo, for just that.
(We found one that allows children!  Hooray!)

After a quick intro to some of the animals,

Maddie sat with the bunnies, getting to know them,

and then introduced them to families visiting the farm,

helping them to hold and pet them.

A couple of times I offered suggestions, but no, Maddie knew better than I.

She had it handled.  Of course.

We go again in a few days!
I think she'll love it.  ♥


  1. So sweet!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  2. Love it! My children both too adore animals, volunteering along with owning their own and doing 4H as well- beautiful spirit your daughter has!


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