Friday, October 30, 2015


Sometimes what you want for your birthday is a family by your side, and a camera in your hand.

I still had Things To Do before it's time to get tucked in for the season.

And so.

Our friends were heading up north, later in the day,
so the babes and I left early.

Up to see where east meets west...
the U.S. Transcontinental Railroad, at Promontory.
Golden Spike.

For a picnic and a wander....

...and the Spiral Getty.

Lastly we met our friends at the hot springs... almost a hundred miles away from home.

It's just so, so good.  ♥


  1. So that's what the Golden Spike looks like! I think I was imagining something that, now that I consider it, probably would look more like something you'd see on Bugs Bunny than in reality.

  2. Some of these are so beautiful and haunting. Happy Birthday frrom the other side of the mountains.


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