Wednesday, September 02, 2015


Our day started out with videos...
the diamond minecart for Madd,
and tv tropes for Cass and Trev.

"Has everyone had enough to eat?  We gotta go soon!  Trev, d'you wanna  put the next load of laundry in?"

Out the door.
To meet our unschoolers!

The boys (Cass and Trev) have been wanting to go to f.y.e. since the last time Cass spent time with us, but time has just not allowed it.
Today I was determined!
So off we were...
with another friend from our unschooling group tosssed into the backseat.

Hooray!  They were happy.

Stop off for a slurpee......

...and home

--for some summertime sun.

Then there were video games

and to the grocery store

and home for dinner

and video games

and extra bed makings

and a bit of comedy on the tellie for some

and Godzilla for Kieren and Madd

and now we're tired

and settling in

and that's it for me.



  1. Now I feel like a slurpee after seeing your pics! The snakes looked very cuddly..

  2. What a wonderful day full of fun experiences and friendship. Those snakes look amazing. Have a great weekend!


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