Saturday, September 05, 2015


Mine and Maddie's day started with a snuggle in bed, watching how-to videos.
Because sometimes you want to start learning animation before you even get out of bed in the morning.

And there was Brain Games

and weaving and beading.

Jump!ing (on the tramp) is always good.

Illusions. (Optical Illusions.)

 More beading.


Wild Kratts.

Maddie's computer is all set up with her Toon Boom Studio, so she's off to watch videos, again.

Icecream cone.  
In bed.  For breakfast.  [Smile.]  Funny boy.


Wild Kratts.


Glowing eyes.  Showing Dad.

With Maddie, to the store.
Wire for crafting, and house parts.
To the other store for a new keyboard and mouse.

Home again, home again....

With Trevy to the store.
Favorite foods.  All the favorites.
And cookie-making supplies.

Sudoku for me!

And Mastermind with Madd...

then Quads.

'Puter play...

more games for all of us.

and some animal love.
Bird rescue
Now two of us are on computers, and one is on her tablet.

It's dark, and quiet, and the house is settling....

All is well, here.
And fine, and good. 

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  1. I have such fond memories of my stretchy band potholder maker from my childhood...

    ~Have a lovely day!


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