Monday, September 07, 2015

Sunday : Juiced

There we were, enjoying a slow holiday weekend (at home, in town)... no plans, we'd had two days of puttering at home... perfectly content and quiet.

Yesterday morning I woke up, and soon thereafter my brain kicked into Adventure gear, and it started humming and buzzing and shooting out ideas of things that I (It?) want to do, soon...

I want to Make!  It shouted.
Automata!  And soap! (It's been a while.)
Encaustic art!  It's almost fall... time to get out the wax!
Hands in clay!  My mind insisted, and weaving reeds and grasses!
We need glass and frames for stained glass art!  And don't forget about paper jack-o-lanterns!
Wire!  Armature, and art with wire and those gorgeous glass hand-painted beads!
Nature mandalas!  Caramel apples!  Spin some yarn!

Then my mind started really getting into this whole venturing out thing... (I suspect that this is how I survive the end of summer, every year...this, and opening my windows and doors...)
Now!  My mind was urging.

To This is the Place!  It shouted.  That's our living history museum.
And find out when Spooky Science (at our very cool science/art/tech museum) starts!  Go soon!  Go twice!
It's time to go find the wild horses!  Visit ghost towns!
Go to Antelope Island, and see the bison and coyotes... go marvel at the tall golden grasses that you love so much!
Look for woolly-bear caterpillars up the canyon!  Walk around Silver Lake--it's beautiful in the early fall!
You must go to the Observatory, soon, for the star party!
Dye t-shirts!
Go find owl pellets!

Inspired, I was.  Well and truly.

So I went to get Maddie, to see if the madness was contagious... and while she wasn't quite as overcome as I, (as she was asleep at the time) she supposed that going shopping might be a fine idea.

New canvases!  Eight of them.
New sets of markers! (Everyday markers... we still have our art markers) Three very large stacks of new white paper.  Glue sticks!  New pairs of scissors!  Acrylic paints!  Colored chalk (in colors we don't have)!

 Seven new paint brushes!  T-shirts for inkodye!  Twine!  Jute!  Wire!  Scotch tape! (Four for me, four for MaddieMine.)

Maddie and I got home eventually, and after puttering and recording the ideas (mustn't be forgetting, now), one idea kept raising its hand....

"Hey, guys?"  Hmm...seems like a good enough day for it... "Wanna go look for owl pellets?  There's this park we could go to....."
Someone in our unschooling group had mentioned a few days ago (after someone else asked "where to find?") that on the very edge of our valley there is a park where one might find owl pellets. 
That's about all the info I had. 
Hmmm.  Eric was going to work.... it's Sunday, and a holiday weekend, so not much traffic... nothing pressing to do.... could we?
"Sure." said the babes.  They were indulging me.  That's okay.  We do that in our family, sometimes.

Everyone's fed, fill up a bottle of water, grab camera gear and phone... let's go.

We got to the park, and I was a bit surprised.  It was not a large park. 
"Hmm," I said skeptically.  "Well--she said the east side, so let's just take Lou for a walk this way... we'll look around for a while.  I'm not sure."

Down one row, and back up another, meandering along, watching the ground.

"Hey mom... is that a nest up there?" asked Trev.
"What?" I asked, and looked up.
"Is it an owl?" he asked.  "I can't tell what it is."  It was verra high up there.
"It could be an owl.... I think it might be!"
"It moved!" from Maddie, "It's an owl!"

Great Horned Owl

Sure enough.
"Yep," I said, while looking through my zoom lens, "he's looking down at us, now, can you see?"
We watched him, he watched us. 
I stuffed (carefully) my hoodie pockets full of pellets.
"What's that white thing?" Asked Madd, "are there white owls?"
"Yeah, there are snowy owls... where do you see white?" I ask, scanning the tree, straight over us.
"Oh, I see it!  Yes!  That's another one!" 

More pellets.  And pretty pinecones.
"It's moving!  It's looking at us!"

So awesome.
How wonderful.

We watched them until we had our fill,
but even still, it was hard to leave them.

But we were still so excited about our adventure,
and knew that we could come back again.

In the car we called Dad (who was at work) to tell him our news, and to invite ourselves in to dinner.

So patio dining,

then to home.

It's funny that way, this life;
the inspiration and Goodness will always come.
Sometimes it comes in waves
(as it did the other day when we started filling our calendar with playdates with our unschoolers),
and all of a sudden life is brimming with delight and sparkly abundance.

Sometimes the enlivenment comes in new bottles of paint, and sometimes it comes when we curiously go around the corner, to see what we can see.

It's a goodly sort of life, this.

All is well.


  1. I am so jealous! New canvases and a close up encounter with an owl? That's got to be the best outings EVER! :-)

  2. Owls. Beautiful creatures, but we aren't loving them so much today. One killed my DD's pet chicken yesterday. So today, there's no love felt for Mr. (or Mrs.) Owl .


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