Saturday, September 05, 2015

Friday : At Home

A putter in the garden is what I needed first thing this morning.
With a glass colander and scissors.

"Look!" Eric called from his own bowl-filling wander in the tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers, "This mantis is eating a grasshopper!"

Indeed he was... head first.

Into the house for making rose water.

Then darling daughter is up and wants to spend her allowance on a movie,
and Trev wakes up and requests 1995 Godzilla...

I told Trev about the mantis in the garden, and "I'd like to have seen that!" he remarked over his breakfast.
"It's possible we'd make it in time to see him eat the tail..." I offered, and out to the garden we went.... and were just in time to see finishing off the last tiny bit of body.

"Hey... remember yesterday you were wondering if there were any creatures with yellow or green blood?  I found something...."
Sea cucumbers and Prasinohaema skinks.

Puzzles on the tablet.


 Quads, for Maddie and Trevy.

 And Mastermind...
two games for me with each of them. 

Bike ride.  "Because I need sunshine on my skin, and I need to exercise my lungs," he says.

Pylos, for Maddie and me.

Mandala choosing and coloring, with magic pencils (Prismacolors).  One from Mystical Mandala and the other from Coloring Mandalas.

Brain Games, the first episode.

Which, naturally, led to getting out our Optical Illusions kit.
And trickery and laughter.

Then she's on skype with friends.... and sharing her Illusions with them, and explaining why your brain sees it that way.  Which makes me smile.

SuperSmash Bros on ds--and Parks and Recreation for one,
and Littles Pet Shop youtube videos for the other one.

More mandala coloring,
while we watch the next episode of BrainGames.

Computer catch-up for one (he missed yesterday, so had some things to do)
and drawing animation for the other.

A friend comes aknockin'..... asking if she can spend the night.
She gets shown the hand-drawn beginning of animation,

and then it's shouting and hilarity over Illusions all over, again.


Now it's dark and getting late...
still on the 'puter for Trevy,

and Madd and her friend are in her room playing LPS and watching Alpha and Omega Family Vacation.
Mama's in her bedroom, researching 2d animation software for kids.  That will prob'ly take a while.

And it'll do.

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