Thursday, August 13, 2015

Wednesday : And a Thousand Wishes

First thing in the morning, they're in the pool.
It goes like that, sometimes.

Then they're runnin' down the street to the neighbor's, to practice diving in their pool.
It goes like that sometimes, too.

Eventually there was breakfast, and plans for the day.

To the county fair!

Which I always supposed was the cheap version (lighter, not as grand, not nearly as fun) as the state fair.... but I could be wrong.

So we tried it out.


I was right.
But, you know--there were piggies and fishing and snowcones for everyone....

Home to the pool and recalibration...

and an afternoon visit with the garden, for me.


The garden makes me happy.
I love that it's such a friendly bit of earth... I love seeing that there are always butterflies, and always bees, and always birds....
Such a busy, humming, lively place!

...getting closer, now....

Hours of swimming, and Godzilla-ing and video-watching (as usual, these days)....

I went outside, at a little before ten.... there aren't any clouds, surprisingly, as we had thunderstorms and clouds all around us today...

"Wanna drive out to see the stars?" I asked.
"Yes!  That sounds good!" says Cass.
"Uh... I'm sort of tucked in," from Trev.  (This reaction did not surprise me.)
"Meh..." said one of our friends,
and "Sure!" said Maddie.
"Mom...." Trevy says, "I was really just thinking today was over, and I was going to be at home... I'm in my underwear."
"Wear your underwear," says his mama, "We'll all go in our pajamas.  Bring shoes, in case of an emergency, and bring a pillow and a blanket.  I'll pop a huge batch of popcorn to take.  It'll be fun."

So we drove to the end of our citified valley... and past the mountain.... and past the first town... and past the two exits for the next town... aaaalll the way out there.  To the lonely highway 196. 

And there were millions and millions of stars.

And silly and funny and inspired conversations.
Over an hour, we sat out there, on that dark desert road... some of us sitting, some lying down on cots... all of us  enjoying that looong stripe of the Milky Way,

all of us exclaiming and gasping in turn,

and all of us making many lovely, heart-felt wishes.

And it was Good.  And Fine.

And so...
all is well. 

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