Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Two Days

We got our last few minutes with our friends in....

 ... to the pool!

and other play.

Trevy's off for a bike ride...

.... and Maddie and Xav compose music.
How lovely!  Our friend Xavier has composed many songs, and had some comments to offer Maddie.
I loved hearing him talk about music... how he's taken lessons for six months, but that he's only (from piano lessons) learned Twinkle Twinkle Little Star... that almost all of his know-how comes from 'playing' on the piano.


Reading and laughing at a dream story our friend Cassidy wrote.

We said goodbye to our friends, and Maddie left to spend the day with another of our friends.... and Trev got to have the house to himself (with me).
To be alone!  Just what a boy needs, sometimes.

Saturday morning saw Maddie and I headed to the bakery for a quick breakfast,

then off to an event to see a documentary on cheetahs and lions on the savannah.

Home to make food and pack up...
 we had our first outdoor music of the year. 

Summertime and bare feet and fiddles.

Summertime rolls.

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