Tuesday, August 04, 2015


Since Maddie was happily visiting a friend, and since this was day two of a sleepover for the boys, I asked them what they'd like to do.

To lunch! at a favorite place.

Then to the toy store! for scoping the Collectibles.

While Trevelyn has quite a collection of Monsters these days, his consist of Pacific Rim and Godzilla.... while Cass prefers all things Alien. 
Most of Trev's have to be ordered from Japan (made by S.H.MonsterArts), but once in a while, we can get appealing pieces in local shops.
It works for him, as he rides his bike to the toy store several times a week to see what's happening on the shelves. 

To the aquarium,

 baby penguins!

and to the museum.

At almost every museum (that has to do with paleontology), Trevelyn can (and will) point out an inaccuracy.

This time, it was this Utahraptor..."Nope.  It's wrong.  It's hands actually go the other way -facing each other- and I believe its skull is shaped differently.  And of course it was covered in feathers."
Of course it makes me smile.

As we often do, we called his dad to see if we could come get take-out... yes!
Through a mistake, we ended up with two pizzas that we didn't order, so we took them over a few blocks to give them away to folks who could use them.
Which naturally aroused a conversation of why and how people come to live on the streets, how our city is housing the homeless (and is on track to have no more chronically homeless by 2016), and what we personally can and should do to help.
Most excellent.

Home again, home again (aren't we lucky)
jiggety jig.

All is well.

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