Monday, August 31, 2015

At Rest

Friday (the day following four days of camping) saw us lolling about--unpacking, playing on computers, arranging action figures.
"Wanna go...." asked me.
"No." from my three.
"I want to go for a bike ride, or two." Says Trev, "and make lemonade.  Maybe cookies.  Maybe mow the lawn.  You know--do my regular At Home stuff."
"Home" from the other two, as well.

 And so it was.

This left me with time to edit photos from the lake, blog, and think... and wonder.
It's the end of the season, as much as I abhor tossing that acknowledgment out into the Universe.
What's left on our list?
The drive-in.  Seeing the lilies on the water.  Patio living.  Painting outside.  Walking down the street after dark to our local malt shoppe.  A star party at the observatory. 

What new things to come?
What for the children?
What new impellent for these lively unschooled days... what impetus?

Over the day and night I figured there were surely other mamas asking these questions... I mean, for me it's a seasonal or periodic thing, but for some there may be visits from the back-to-school haints.
What do other people do when it comes time for an infusion of sparkles?

This is definitely a secondary reason for my bloggessing.
The first is The Children and The Life, of lesser importance is the sharing.
It's easy to find and explore philosophies, but it ain't always easy to see what that means and looks like in everyday living.  Year after year.  [Smile.]

What for the children, then?
I asked in our valley's unschooling group.
I looked here (and smiled and melted over) previous Augusts and early Septembers.

And then-- then I asked the children.

Funny how you think you know everything about them, when you're a mama.

Including when they're less enthusiastic about their lives.

What Things, Bud?
"Baking." says he, emphatically.  "I think I'm a baker.  I'm so good at making cookies.  And I want to get good at baking more things.  And let's do more chemistry explosions."
Anything you feel like you want to get better at?
"Handwriting.  And we should play games.  And I want to work.  Work like I do now--earn money, and learn how to do more things around here.  Clean dishes.  Help with things."

I've mentioned to a friend or two (but not sure if I've mentioned it here), that this Work thing is a big factor in Trev's life, and has been for the past several months.
He's begun collecting fancy... well, Collectibles.... and is getting intimately familiar with the way money works.
He's learning to prioritize, watch the market for possible hard-to-finds, watching their production dates... debating between the S.H. MonsterArts (very high end-- $100 to $400+) figures, and the more reasonably priced (but still very cool) NECA ones.
He reads reviews, and dialogues reviews.  He creates fierce, fiery battle scenes, and creates comical ones.  He studies joints and points of articulation and supports.
He reads and writes fan-fiction.
He researches monsters and their artists and their films and producers.
He follows the market, makes firm or tentative plans, and he learns about work and money.

Okay, I nod.
"And I want to go to The wAIRhouse (a trampoline park).  With the unschoolers.  And biking with them.  And This Is the Place (our living history museum)."

I talk to Madd, and since I had interrupted her actual play because I wanted to talk about her play, she comes up blank.  "Uuh...."
But she manages to get out "Yes!  Baking!" after hearing Trevy's list, "And I want to learn more cooking!  And I want animation software.  And it's time for more LPS.  And we should do more of those experiments... like on HooplaKids!"
No sports, no classes, no, not even baking or sewing.  Can learn that here.

Funny that I had so airily dismissed Baking and Work.
And funny that I was thinking that in our usual ways and days we might be getting a little boring...

Thereafter I spent the day researching and moseying online... visiting museum pages, events at libraries, talking with our unschoolers group online about ideas and activities...

And then, there we are, with nearly two dozen events scheduled with our unschoolers for the next two months.  Biking and jumping and hiking and visiting with animals and exploring new places and celebrating and exploding things.
Add to that our family (seasonal) visits to ghost towns and going out to see the wild horses and our trips to our favorite canyons and mountains to see the splendor of the changing seasons...

And just like that, any doubtful feelings or questions of Are We Okay? are gone.

We'll play with our unschoolers.  We'll find snakes on Family Day.  We'll find a really good animation software for a ten year old girl that wants particular features and gadgets.
We'll make music and paint outside and play with math dice and practice strategy and talk philosophy and death and politics and religion.
We'll make jam and rosewater and buttermilk biscuits and sourdough starter.
We'll weave and make faux stained glass art and beautiful nature mandalas.
We'll get out the electrical circuits and gadgets, the magnifying glasses, and the microscope.

We'll live and love and celebrate and inquire and practice and play.
Just as if we wrote it.

Yes-- that'll do.


  1. Beautiful to read, and to learn from you. Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much, Linda.
      It's lovely that so often the children have the answer. : )

  2. Yes. Positively yes! I'm happy to see you writing, Stephanie. Your words always resonate. <3

  3. Beautifully written. It sounds like you all have a very full life indeed. =)

    1. Life is good, Marcy. No doubt about it. : )

  4. That question of "are we ok?" seems roll around every end of August, beginning of September.
    Like you, I go back through my blog and just smile, looking at all the amazing things we've done. Some adventures were more grand than others, but even our ordinary days could be filed under the 'amazing' category.
    This unschooling life is SO GOOD! I truly can't imagine living any other way.

  5. Ooh, animation software--I'll be eager to see what you decide on!


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