Saturday, January 24, 2015


A visit to an old stomping ground.
With friends, even.

"Mom!" She comes running up.  "Come here... I want to show you something!"

bird show.

feeding the sun conures.


walk around the park...
...always, when we come here for lunch.

"I think they've put a tunnel to the park in, over here..."

They really have!

to Petsmart.

to home... for dog walking.

fractions.  via measuring cups and feeding the dogs f.u.d.  (something she did all on her own... including coming to tell me about how it all happened, and her reasoning.)

eating walnuts.  that she collected on her walk with her pup.

scooting in the neighborhood.

play.  at our house.


it's a goodly sort of life.

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