Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Another "let's follow the day along" post.
Really, this is the most natural way for me to do it--how it happens when I'm posting every day, and not catching up once a month!
And,  I have to say, how I love it best.
I love being enchanted with the day, the moments, the flow, the magic.
And the babies.  Always, I am dazzled by them babies.

This is a 'surprise' at home day--we were supposed to head up the mountain to ski today (photographing and taking notes for the mama), but Eric's friend got his days mixed up, and he could only go today, and not tomorrow.
Since the children don't much care what day we go, we let them take our truck up the mountain, confident that our day could be loved well-ly and fully whilst at home.

Zoo Tycoon

"Mom!  Come see these birds!  They're green!"
"Cool," I call back to her, as I make my way to the den, "They're probably either Lesser Goldfinches, or Pine Siskins."

Since we've been thinking and talking Birds lately (really always, but a special amount, now), we got out our Backyard Birds of Utah book, to decide if they were siskens or finches.
Definitely female Lesser Goldfinches!

We had just been talking about coloring pages of birds, so after finding out that there wasn't a page for the Lesser Goldfinch in the Cornell Lab book, I made one in Photoshop's Elements, and showed Maddie how it can be done.

"Want to?  We can use my magic pencils..." (Mama's beloved Prismacolors)....
"Maybe later...." she said.

She finished her Tink movie with her cinnamon toast.

Downstairs, to find some interesting things for our day.

"Ned's Head!" she wanted.

Then Mastermind. 

The rhythm game.

"Can we color birds, now?" she wants to know.

"Can I use your camera to take pictures of some more birds?"
She found a Lulu.

The Amazing Mammoth Hunt.
We're so out of practice with world geography!  Sheesh.


Finishing Mammoth Hunt.

Laughing hysterically while playing with Lou.

Looooots of drummin' and bangin'.

Daddy's back from skiing!  And so happy that he gets to take his kidlings back up tomorrow.

Dragons: Riders of Berk game.

 Ned's Head.  Again.
With Trevy, this time.


And Jenga with them.

Plans 'bout supper.

Card shuffling practice for Maddie.
Pokemon play and research for Trev.

Maddie makes potstickers.
Following her recipe that Santa gave her.
In her new pan that Santa gave her.

Watchin' Tink.

...An' now my supper's almost ready (steak and salad for Mama and Daddy--the babes wanted other things),
so I'll sign off, and say, "'tis good enough for me."

'Til tomorrow, then.

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  1. I've been away from your blog for WAY too long. Who are those children and why are they so big so fast?!
    We need more board games.

    Skiing? The thought terrifies me, but looks like you all have been having a blast with it.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!


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