Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tuesday : Of Moonbeams

After making granola bars for our day,

while skyping with her friend (and easing into her day), Maddie ran into the livingroom to get a states map from the game we played the day before.  (She needed a map reference, per their conversation.)  Resources, my friends.  I believe in lots and lots of available resources.

Well, now it's day five!

When we were debating if we wanted to brave the cost of season passes, we hedged that if we could get the babes up the mountain six times this year - have them happy and willing to go, six times - we'd say it was worth it.
Anything else was just extra.

Some things we couldn't even guess at--extra things like a son being happy about winter (and no longer afraid of getting the Winter Blues of last year).
And extra surprises like "I want to go on Moonbeam".
And "Dad... show me that jump, now!"

"You're going on Moonbeam today, Bud?"
"I have a score to settle."
Funny boy.

He was a Conqueror, today.

A couple of runs of same
-and traverse, traverse, traversing, in practice for the Big one-
and he figures he's all done with Link.

 the top of Link

the middle of Moonbeam

 going down to the top of Link
The boy has levelled up.

Mad had her introduction to Moonbeam--
very hard work for a little girl.
But she made it!

"Let's go to that jump, Dad," she urged...
and was rewarded with her first Air.

It is so amazing, how far these two have come--it seems like we've been on the mountain at least a dozen times this year!  Even if they have a moment of frustration or fatigue, they rally forth a few minutes later.
They're confident, and so proud of their ability.  I am so happy for them!

Rock on, babies!


  1. Maddie is too cute chatting with her friend. Look at all that snow, it's so pretty!
    It's great that your children are enjoying themselves skiing. They picked it up quickly. And I know you are thrilled that Trev doesn't have to worry about the winter blues this year.

    1. It was so awful last year, Darcel, seeing him so depressed, and crying so much. It may have been hormones, too, but it was just heart wrenching.
      This year he isn't phased at all!

  2. Just wanted to let you know reading this made me smile this morning. I can smell the snow and the sun on metal of the lift poles. Have a happy day!

    1. Stasa - I haven't yet noticed the sunlight-on-metal. (I'm still dazzled by the blues and whites.)
      I will absolutely notice it next time. <3


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