Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Year's End

I love new beginnings, as you will know if we've met more than once.
Birthdays, mornings (all mornings!), new seasons, recalibrations, meditations, burning purifying essential oils in pots, cleansing stones for renewal... all of it.

Renewal -refreshment- is imperative to my well-being.

The week between Christmas and New Year's I spent pondering my revolutionary word, and righting my inner and outer worlds.

I'd been thinking that what I need most in my life, at this particular point, is just a tiny bit of Time.  Space.  Room.

I need space to pause, to take more care in my daily moments.

So that I can better move from react, to create.

I need room enough in my life that I don't feel harried, or a sense of urgency, but rather have a knowing that there is time for this, too.

I want to carry around with me a pocketful of Still, that I can fall into at any time.

I need a bit more Om in my life.

And I need easy access to that Om.

So which of these words would do?

How to best concentrate, to recalibrate, to often get into that deliberate (and liberating) space of pause?

Ah, yes.  It all begins with that.

There it is.

While I consider my auto-pilot these days to be a fair one--miles and miles beyond what it would have been were I not a seeker,

I also know that I am due for some considerable fine-tuning.

It's time for a shift.

So I prettify my home (I do love beautiful surroundings)... and I make room for my better, more considering and mindful Self.

I choose this tiny space of presence, calm, and choice--and all the beautiful things that can be found in this great and minuscule Pause.

I welcome it.


  1. I find beautiful, peaceful surroundings help me to live more intuitively. I always have a de-clutter early January time. Wishing you much peace this new year!

  2. I have written once before here. Still don't know whether you got my message. So I will write again, just to let you know that I value this blog so very much. As an unschooler, it is difficult to find others who live this way, so I often doubt my choice. So, thank you for sharing your life. I feel inspired by the things you post here, grateful, and, in a way, mentored. I can't tell you how many times I've been out and seen a game at a store, one that I've seen here, and I shout "Yes, that's one from the Unschooling blog! We have to get that one, cause I know it's going to be good!" And it is.

    I do have to admit that sometimes I don't know how you seem to have the energy to engage as much with your kids as you do. I would like that more for myself. And to go all the places you go. But I know that a blog is just a small picture of a much larger and more complex story. So, anyway, for the pictures I am grateful. Please continue your story-- I will be reading happily!!!

  3. Hi Jessica.
    Thank you so, so much for the lovely words.
    Clearly "energy to engage" means other things lack--such as responding properly to notes that people leave me here!
    (I always read and appreciate them, I just forget to post a response.... so lame of me. I need to get into the practice of doing it right then!!)

    I'm so glad you have fun with the same games we do--it's such a subjective thing, I can only offer what I think is thinking, engaging or cool, or ones the children laugh at!

    As far as the energy goes... loving playing with the babes goes a long way in supplying that energy. Wanting to be an actively unschooling parent fuels it. Needing to love my babes well-ly provides me with energy all on its own--I much prefer feeling Good to not, so it has its own current, often.

    This has me thinking of something Maddie said on the way back from skiing the day before yesterday... I'll write on that, and respond better in a post! : )

    Thank you so much, Jessica, for your note.
    I can't send you a personal, private note, because there is no profile, when I click on your name. : )


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