Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Skiers

My children became skiers yesterday.

I can say this with surety, for a number of reasons.

Because all of a sudden, they're both brilliant at it.
Because it involves sliding and fast and snow.
Because it's one of their dad's Reasons For Living, and that pretty much guarantees them an Always sort of opportunity.

After years of dipping in their toes, we decided to chance an all-or-nothing this year.
Make or break.
To ski.... or Not to ski?
That was the question.

Trev's been unsure -and unconvinced- about skiing for years. 
It's hard.
It's uncomfortable, often.
It's sooooooo frustrating.
It's physically and emotionally exhausting... it is often frightening and intense.....
And it's no wonder he wasn't convinced it was something he wanted to, or could do.

Yesterday I wrote about our decision to buy season passes for the children.
And our first day.

The children went to bed the night of Day One, saying we'd go again the next morning.

I wasn't completely certain they wouldn't be of a different opinion in the morning.

But no.

They were willing.
Happy to go in Maddie's case... willing and eager in Trevelyn's.

I wasn't expecting that we'd start the day exactly where we left off the night before.
I was conscious of hoping for too much--the day ended so beautifully Thursday, and they came such an amazing distance in one day... surely we'd have some backtracking to do.  A few hiccups before the day's fun was to be had....

... but we were smiling and at ease, so it looked promising.

"Will you come with me, Dad?" Maddie asked when he got to the top of the stairs; our 'home' for the time being.

Trevelyn was long gone.

Ah, here he comes already... flying over the snow like a torpedo... his target unsuspecting and still a mystery to us all...

"Yeah", says his dad, watching, "First thing I gotta do today is teach Trevy to stop."

And Trev's very next run?

Here he is, mid hill, stopped, and in control.

And that was that.

They go fast,
they slow down,
they stop,
they turn.

They're independent,
reasonably confident in their current abilities,
and they ski.

The first run of the first day took about 40 minutes before I saw the babes on this bottom hill.
Yesterday, we timed Trev's runs... he walked through the gate to get on the lift, then landed next to me six minutes later.

From here on out, it's the fun stuff... practicing and getting better.
And even better, maybe.

One more day, I think, of Daddy being in pocket, and they'll be ready.

Mama will be at the bottom, with cups of noodles,
hot chocolate,
and loads of words of encouragement.

Life is good.

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  1. How fun! The mountain looks beautiful. And I really can't imagine anything better than hot noodles and hot chocolate after a day in the snow.


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