Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Last of December

Aaaah... the most wonderful time of the year.
I'll buy that.

Maddie wanted a nightgown for her Christmas Eve pajamas.  One with puffed sleeves.  One that came to the floor.
I couldn't find one.
Every time we went shopping, it was "How about these?" pajamas.  "Or this one?"
Eventually, she just started saying, "I thought you were going to make it???" after I came up with that brilliant idea.
I'd never made anything.  Other than curtains and pillow cases.
Could I learn? 

I  broke four sewing machine needles in all those heavy flannel folds and ruffles.  Thankfully, the last one was when I was pretty close to finished, so was able to sew it up within an hour or two by hand....

'Cause Christmas was comin'.

But first there's Solstice!...

Solstice is always filled with goodly things....we make ice lanterns.  We like to make art with sun paper.  We make ice suncatchers.  Presents are snow pants and new boots and new gloves and coats and thermals and socks and memberships to the zoo.

This year was different.  We had blue skies and 60 something degrees outside--and had for weeks.
Zoo membership is still good for a couple of months.
Most of the gear needed, we had already (much of it from last year, still fitting).
Eric and I knew this, so a while back we started pondering season passes for his ski resort (Solitude) for them.
It's a big(ish) financial commitment, for us, so we talked it over often with the babes.

Maddie was thrilled with the idea.
Trev would catalog his horror stories.

Should we?  Shouldn't we?

Ski passes for Solstice, then.
With fingers crossed.


It's almost time, now.

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  1. Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! And thank heavens for longer daylight from here on!!

    Your pics are beautiful and your kids are getting so big!


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