Sunday, January 18, 2015


Maddie has this weather station thing going on.
She's made the wind sock, checks and records the weather a couple of times a day, writes down which way the wind is blowing, and takes notes on the sunset. 
Guess I should get out that kit we have downstairs, and see if there's anything interesting in there!

Snap circuits, for her and her friend.



and then a chase-me-chase-me game to play with Lou.

To the pool.
 For laps and laps.

To the museum.
 On a Saturday.

Yes, I do know better, but thought maybe it was late enough in the day....

But, no.

Well, whatever.  We survived.

And lastly, Madeleine has a new pet.  He just showed up in the house a little while back... probably been living on a houseplant that visited outside.
His name is Shelbert.
She checks on him three times a day, at least,
feeds him spinach,
and mists his terrrarium a couple of times a day.

She hopes to keep him safe until he can go back outside, in a couple of months.

And with that, my friends...
....all is well.  ♥


  1. You all sure did a lot! Looks like everyone had a good day.

  2. It was a fun day, Leslie!
    And so nice to see you!!


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