Monday, January 19, 2015


Maddie read for us Martin's Big Words.

Freedom's Ring: "I Have A Dream"


Weather recording.

Pancakes and sausage.

Outside play.

Pokemon for one,
and cleaning Shelbert's cage for the other.
I love how she gets out tools (like the strainer), and takes such particular care in cleaning it!

 Given the opportunity, Shelbert will always climb the stick straight up!

Reading Rosa by herself, this time.

The other day when we were playing The Amazing Mammoth Hunt, Maddie asked if we had one (geography game) for the United States.  Since we were talking about Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, et al this morning (via Dr. King) it seemed like a good idea to offer it up for play, today.

But first... shuffling practice!

 Den.  With tablet.

Lunch.  With George.

We were going to make our way this afternoon to our art/tech/science museum, but dark and gloomy is just not a good motivator to get out of jammies, and venture out... plus tomorrow is Ski day! 
So maybe we can manage to make-do at home....


Weather inquiry for Solitude tomorrow.

It's raining.


Think, think, think.

Lunch #2.  (That would be Madeleine, of course.  First lunch for Trevy and I.)

Recording the weather.

Pentago--with Trevy.


Cosmos.  Trevy wanted to watch Tardigrades.
Maddie goes to her friend's house.

And a gathering of supplies....

I've got this create urge happening, lately....

All is well, here.


  1. i'm catching up, and my, it all looks so good! that snail is making me so happy...i have to tell you that i often stop myself when i'm feeling a bit disoriented in our days and think: have we created, wondered, discovered today? something i heard from you, i think. ok, we're doing all right...

    1. Isn't that the truth, SlimD? Another super great thing about that is if the answer is no, then it's so easy to fix it! If I'm feeling blech about things, then I can get things turned around in a matter of minutes. : )


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