Saturday, January 10, 2015


It's finally Christmas Eve.
The most exciting day of the year.

To Grandma's house, then.

But first.... Christmas pajamas!!

Over the river, and through the woods....

and home to Trev's reading of How The Grinch Stole Christmas, and The Night Before Christmas.

How will we ever sleep???

Lou was the first one in her stocking.  Before anyone else was awake.

A Christmas Story played in the background.  As Always.

Santa brought Maddie a pan for Pot Stickers... as well as left her with his tried and true recipe.

Trev's gifts were all about Monsters this year-- Pacific Rim and Godzillas.

There was bubble bath and socks and underwear and bubblegum and video games... pretty dishes and silverware for Mama.... cast iron and sports thermals for Daddy....

and Maddie got a bell-- Santa gifted Maddie with a jingle bell from Rudolph's collar.

And snow.
We really did get a White Christmas.

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