Thursday, September 04, 2014


Going adventuring, today.  Better make some lemonade.

Hmm... the plum brandy is coming along nicely.  (Should be ready for the Holidays!)

To Out, then.  Ogden Nature Center.

Beautiful beetle!  No idea what his name is.


Eagle or hawk's nest?
Hmm.  Or maybe magpies.

Fur and bones.  Excellent.



Canids class.

Trevy can be seen often, like this.  Quiet.  Still.  Studying.  Communicating.  Love that.

Deer, turkeys, falcons, hawks, puppets, grasshoppers, ponds, wetlands... all good.

It's a beautiful world.

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  1. We call those shiny beetles "Christmas Beetles" because they look like decorations but also because, here, they start to appear more and more the closer we get to Christmas. I was told by a farmer they are actually a type of dung bettle....ahem, but I much prefer the idea of a living bauble!


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