Saturday, September 13, 2014

Two Days

We got our Math Projects book.  It'd been a while.
It took Maddie three tries, before she figured out how to make the triangle point the other way, moving only three pennies.
I was still trying to do it, when she did it!  And it hasn't even been that long!

Trev thinks on it, too.

"Wanna play with dice?"

 4 ÷ 6 for Trev.

"Can we take the dogs for a walk?"
"Mom!  Look!  I found this mantis on our walk!"

Digging in the front yard, making a habitat.  Again.  (An almost daily occurrence.)

Bike ride.

Planning for our Unschoolers playgroup tomorrow...and there's a birthday!
Must make cupcakes before bed!

We've been loving our Friday (Unschoolers) play with the locals.  How could we not?!?

Home to dinner and quiet and early sleep.

Life is good.

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