Wednesday, September 03, 2014


Play around home in the morning,
making Zoo Tycoon documentaries

then pack up a picnic lunch, and head Out.

Up, actually.  ♥
 It has begun.


 Leaf collecting.

Pocketful of acorns.  ♥

After gobbling up our lunch of salad, sandwiches, and deliciousment from our gardens -apples, peaches, green beans, green peppers, tomatoes- we headed back over the mountain, and into Emigration Canyon.

Home for a quick supper,
then Mama scooted off to a friend's house to spend the evening with the other mamas.

So good.


  1. Yay! Daily posts, so beautiful to see your family's doings, Stephanie. I think I'm hitting bi-weekly at best on my blog these days, but I'm thinking autumn might bring a rejuvenation. <3

  2. Looks like you guys are still having some summer fun despite the fall look of the leaves. We are getting 90 degree weather still, so it is hard to crack open the books, too.

  3. Love the rich silk painting colours of autumn. In our part of the word fuzzy little buds are just starting to crack and stretch baby leaves out.


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