Saturday, September 20, 2014

Thursday : Of Stars and Snakes

We needed to finish our adventure that we began on Sunday, with the horses.  What was out there, at the end of that road?

I love our home.  It's so wonderful to drive for an hour or more, and to have only the wide open land and antelope as companions.  No cars, no people.  Just you and the earth. 

Tarantula Hawk

This was interesting... this is dried clay with sea shells in it. 
We loved it because it is a fossil in the making.  A few million years from how, it will look like some of the fossil rocks that we find!
Ah.  I Spy... something......

And, later, more....

The possibility of finding a snake is often what lures my children into adventure.

It's hard holding a snake still so your mama can get a few good photographs.

Thank you, Mr. Bullsnake.
'Twas nice to meet you.

After a few more adventures


missing our turn

stalling for daddy so that he might see the stars-

it was all about a moonless sky
and the milky way galaxy.

It's a pretty fine life.

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