Monday, September 08, 2014

Sunday : Up

We've been trying to get up into the Uinta mountains for a few weeks, now.  August was rainy, and if there is any rain anywhere in the state of Utah, it's going to be in the Uintas.  So... we waited.

My favorite lily pads are up there, at Cliff Lake.  Bright green leathery leaves, and the most bold and beautiful round flowers.

Ah... I missed them (too late!)... but look! there were two left on the whole mountain for my wandering, scanning eye.

The lilies are gone, the flowers have turned, the insects have long since hibernated for the winter.

No matter.
We'll make do.

Love that fly-line flipping in the air.

 Fish on!

Tiger trout... cross-species of Brook and German Brown.

Lou dragging her leash about.

Up a little further, then.

I've always been captivated by the Continental Divide... the lay-of-the-land stories hold much adventure and romance, for me.
So this one, a local divide, is equally as intriguing.  One side of the line, and the water travels to the Pacific Ocean.  On the other, it flows into the deserted, dry land of The Great Basin.
So cool.


Falling in the same subject, this meadow is the beginning of the Provo River.  It's a meadow surrounded by a few hills, so it collects water, and a tiny stream begins.

The cliffs above this meadow are quite spectacular.

Down the road a couple of miles, and that tiny stream has grown, a bit....


One more Wander before the sun goes down.

ah... more of my beloved lily pads.

Time to go.

It's a beautiful world out there, y'all.


  1. Yes it is! Thanks for sharing your sights with me!
    ~ Melody

  2. Really, really beautiful area. We went up into the mountains of MD this summer, but it looks very different that your area.

  3. Wow! Such wonderful photos I can understand why you love it so much looks awesome.


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