Saturday, September 20, 2014


There wasn't anything wrong, really.

After a morning of playing on computers,

(editing photos for the mama of the house)

making up games with a neighbor friend

seeing daddy off to work....

something was just....

not quite right.

It's a little hot.

Have a list of Things To Do...

things that aren't even my things, but delegated by the phone repair man that will show up in our yard, tomorrow (and the off-chance that he'll need access to inside).

This life belongs to us, not anyone else.

"Come to the woods with me?  Let's go look for woolly bear caterpillars."

And so.

"Maybe just fifteen minutes, okay?" said Madd.

"Eh... I guess..." said Trev.

I quickly grabbed the adventure pack (already packed from days gone by), and my camera.

"Thanks, guys.  I need this.  And I want my two best friends with me."

Soon I was happily wandering with my camera.

"Want to see my leaves?" she asked me.

"Mom... can I go walk up the trail?
"Hike up the bike trail?"  The pioneer trail.
"Okay.  Stay on the trail, though, okay?  So you don't get lost."
His first time out there, all alone.

He loved it.  ♥

While wandering close by,
"Want to check the adventure pack, Madd?  There might be some things in there that you'll like."

A couple hours later, or so...
we were quite, quite happy with ourselves,
and ready again for our
city life.

and popsicles
and home.

And all is well.

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