Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Monday : State Fair

Ah, September.

Bright, screeching, colorful metal, smooth-talkin' carnies, and the smell of hot oil and sugar.
Must the the Fair!

On a sidenote... Maddie was free on this day (children under 12) and because we're home educators, the rest of us got in for a dollar.  : )
Also buy-one-get-one-free wristbands for the carnival rides.
All good.

We didn't go in to the 100 lb rat's exhibit, though I hmmed and looked closely every time we passed it--sorely tempted.
"I bet it's a capybara," said Trev, not at all curious.  "They probably strapped a plastic tail on it."
When we got home last night, I looked up "100 pound rat"... and sure enough, there was one in a carnival... capybara.  No tail.  : )

The DNR building... fish, fox, all kinds of different pelts... one of our favorite parts of the fair!

So fun, all that gorgeous
rainbow goodness.
Makes for a Happy sort of life.

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