Monday, September 22, 2014


"Can we make caramel apples now?"
"Not yet... later today we will."

Dragons.  Movie, and dress up.

"Can we make caramel apples, now?"
"Not yet, Love.  Later today."


"I finished one, Maddie.  Do you like her?"

Her turn.

The heads are finished!

"Caramel apples now?"
Laughing, "No, not yet.  Around lunch time, okay?"

Outside to get some corn husks.

Corn husk doll.

"Oooh... I need to make that paper house that I made up last night.  Remember?"
"I do."

"What?" she calls from the other room.
"Ready to make caramel apples?"
"In just a minute... I'm making my house!"
"Oh, I forgot!  Okay... I'll get stuff ready..."


"Mom... how do I edit photos?"
"Uh...... What exactly are you thinking?  What would you like to do?"
"I want to have a blog.  With pictures.  Like you do."
Well.... s'pose when she gets her laptop back, we could delve into Photoshop's Elements.....



"Mom... will you jump with me?"

"Can I have another caramel apple?"

Time to go....

Eric wanted a bike ride, so we took him up the mountain.
"Silver Lake," I told the children, "we've been up there, before.  I really think you'll enjoy yourself."

....And it was good.


  1. Beautiful photos, as usual! We might have to give those apple faces a try.

  2. Beautiful beginnings of autumn.

  3. i love the apples!!! i see this in our near future...

    ani would love maddie's house; all the cardboard in our house was requisitioned for house making on sunday and again on monday...and me, i'd love to have a hike at silver lake - so very beautiful!

  4. What a beautiful place!

    ~Have a lovely day!


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