Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Cinnamon toast.
Maddie has had a mad passion for cooking, of late.

We've been trying to make chocolate chip cookies for two days, so we definitely had an Agenda for that--talk over breakfast.  "Cookies and Tea and poetry and fairy tales?" I asked.  Yes.

"Can I go get an apple?"

"My calendar fell.  I need a new tack.  Will you come downstairs with me?"

But first.... counting days til Christmas, marking friends' birthdays, looking at Fun days at the zoo.... 

Downstairs: "What shall we bring up?"
(A henna kit, two Snap Circuit kits, a Light kit, and an optical illlusions kit were brought up.  And that, my friends, is the way it works around here.)

Optical illusions kit.

"Can you have have a pet wolf in Utah?"
"No, I don't believe so."
"I saw someone in the park, and they said their dog was a wolf."
"Hmm.  Let's look it up."

"Mom... how much longer does Obama have as President?"
"Two more years.  In November of 2016, we'll vote again."
"What if there isn't someone good to vote for?  Do you have to vote?"
"No, lots of people don't vote."
"Hmm.  Well... if there's  just shitty people to vote for, let's just not vote, okay?"

Snap Circuits.
Complete with measuring energy.... "Hey, Mom, if I leave the motor on for longer, will the fan gather more energy, and go higher?"

Tending to the pool.

Tending to Maddie's laptop that was left outside... under the rain.

Friend comes to play, and it's back to Snap Circuits.

Eating grapes off the vine.
Pokemon action games on the trampoline  (this one Maddie made up).
And then a bit of research on that subject....

"Can I have this tomato?"

The butter is soft!!  Time to get busy.

Except there are no eggs.  !!!
Trevy volunteers to walk to the store.
Yay!!  Trevy saves the day!


Treats are done!  No time for Tea today, but we're all set for tomorrow!

Supper--takeout.  Daddy's nice.

And Quads with Trevy.

"Can I have this tomato?"
"And another one?"   (Don't you just love summer??")


"What's next, guys?"  The mama asks as she's about ready to fall over--toward her bed....

It's a goodly sort of life.

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  1. Delicious fun!...and wow...days to Christmas already...

    ~Have a lovely day!


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